Customer Relationship Management System (CRM Systems)

Bitochon CRM
What is a CRM?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a study and analysis itself. It is a term that alludes to practices, systems, and advancements that organizations use to oversee and examine client connections and information all through the process cycle, with the objective of enhancing business associations with clients, aiding client maintenance and driving deals development. CRM frameworks can likewise give client confronting staff detailed data on clients’ close to home data, buy history, purchase inclinations, concerns and a lot more.
A successful Customer Relationship Management strategy must integrate your support people, your data network, databases and applications with the self-service channel to provide facilities so that the IT Environment can easily integrate new data sources to support new self-service options and high-value services and incorporate emerging systems, trends and technologies.
• CRM enhances the communication of your organization with customers.
• It improves the informational structure of the organization.
• It helps your staff with automation of day-to-day tasks.
• It improves overall efficiency of the organization by enhancing reporting and analysis.
What is a CRM Software?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions help organizations in dealing with their client and business connections by giving one focal area to accumulate present and chronicled data, mechanize manual business cycle, and speak with forthcoming and current customers in a convenient manner.
A CRM system merges client data and reports into a solitary CRM database so that business clients can all the more effectively get to and oversee it. The other fundamental elements of CRM is that it incorporates recording different client collaborations (over email, telephone calls, online networking or different stations, contingent upon framework capacities), mechanizing different work procedures, for example, assignments, schedules and cautions, and giving administrators the capacity to track execution and efficiency in view of the data logged inside the framework.
Most CRMs are intended to help you string together your relationships with your clients or customers. These may incorporate the messages from a comparable individual, the gathering of people you’ve chatted with at a comparable association, the individual in solitude bunch who knows some person on your client’s gathering, etc. They’ll help you see the 10,000 foot sea, and after that know definitely what to examine at whatever point you email some individual—or what your accomplices have at now started asking them.
But an expert CRM is way more than that. An efficient CRM comprises of an extensive variety of uses to help organizations in preparing numerous errands. These include, tracking accounts, analyzing customer data, improving customer interaction, sales automation, reporting, issue quotes, take orders, checking inventory, keeping a check on pricing and history, synchronizing emails, achieving marketing goals, automated follow-ups, integration with other systems, lead tracking, support, employees and asset management and a lot more.
One of the best things you can accomplish for your clients and for your organization while giving client support is to answer their inquiries and settle their issues the first occasion when they bring in. This methodology is called ‘First Contact Resolution’. Indeed, for many industries, First Contact Resolution is now becoming a primary measure of customer care effectiveness and an excellent predictor of client satisfaction and loyalty – Bitochon’s CRM Unlimited comes with features that enterprises and organizations look for. Bitochon CRM is engineered to meet your organization specific needs. This enables organizations to enhance their customer relationships at most.
Why do organizations need to implement CRM Systems?
In the prior time, the standard practice of customer relationship management was to record data on papers. But as the organizations expanded, it became almost impossible to manage. It proposed to keep the paper documents structured with each other but execution was next to impossible. There was no vibe or experience of culmination as different segments were from numerous autonomous sellers. There were inherent incompatibilities, different product roadmaps, and evolution timelines, and each component required its own set of experts and support teams. The solution was constantly a long drawn exercise where, as a general rule, much time was spent in endeavoring to just encourage the diverse players. Many of the most basic requirements could not be delivered because of the required involvement of so many players and time investment.
With this model, the expenses of keeping up these sorts of frameworks were high and a genuine photo of the contact focus operations and difficulties couldn’t be effectively comprehended or moved forward. Due to the well-planned roadmap by the provider of such legacy systems, it was not very easy or affordable to get rid of the limitations and enter into an era of flexibility and cost-savings.
CRM developments, like Bitochon progressions, made it workable for a lone stage to cover all the required correspondence and prepare necessities of customer associations and support. It is known as ‘one window platform approach’. This model involves a single technology platform that provides all IT business applications in regard to customer relationship management with backend integration on a single unified platform.

This approach of using a single solution platform that is reliable, durable, cost-effective, functionality-centric, and is backed by a capable expert and experienced provider can do wonders for a business. The critical need to resolve customer issues in time and the requirement to keep the top management informed about the state of customer service and satisfaction level are a few compelling reasons for the progressive organizations to consider the deployment of formal Contact Management Systems that address the needs of today’s customer and business.
Investment lasts for a long time. Custom features can be quickly added, getting new reports and user screens become easy to achieve. CRM’s like Bitochon are easy to customize on module level to make it organization specific. In Bitochon CRM Unlimited you can easily customize plug-ins, modules, features and a lot more. This way the CRM meets the tailored needs of each specific organization to enhance customer relationships.
Bitochon CRM is highly customizable. It is made of very easy to use interface. There are top and side navigations that helps you in navigating through your business files. The data is managed in the central screen. The admin dashboard is built with extremely powerful features that help you in tracking activities of your sales staff within real time. Bitochon CRM Unlimited can easily be integrated with any accounting system that you are using in your company.
The integration with current and future data sources becomes straightforward and support issues are easily handled without any delay. A CRM is the most valuable when it helps you in retaining your customers. A CRM helps employees to be ready and delegate tasks efficiently. Every organization wants to retain customer information and other relevant to data to enhance the efficiency of the company. Integration of CRM with your other IT solutions helps employees in delegating day to day task and analyzing the overall performance of the company. Bitochon CRM Unlimited is super easy to integrate with your IT infrastructure. This way is it extremely valuable to your organization.
Your customers contact you to inquire about products, place orders and to get support on their issues. By providing top-notch customer experience during such interactions, your business can gain and strengthen customer loyalty and repeat business.

The system lets you track order details of your entire sale staff. You can view, compare and analyze all the orders. The CRM lets you analyze the efficiency of your sales staff. You can view and setup actions type. The dashboard lets admin analyze the to-dos assigned to each sales staff. This way managing efficiency of your staff becomes extremely reliable with measuring output efficiency of your team.

How does Bitochon CRM Unlimited work?
In order to get a competitive edge in the market, a business needs a technology that is advance and helps in increasing the overall efficiency in operations of the business. When managers are able to setup action types for each sales staff and track how many of those actions have been triggered by the staff member. The CRM allows admins to view overall performance of each sales staff in a statistical and graphical form. Best of all it helps you stay on top of your customers!
CRM utilizes a completely bound together innovation stage with a far reaching application suite and joining model rendering the coveted outcomes flawlessly and quickly to a business. Our reasonable CRM frameworks can be altered to meet the tailored needs of clients. Bitochon plans to give wholesalers, retailers, traders, makers, suppliers or any business a CRM that helps these associations in improving their deals. It provides them with the correct data they have to deal with and their records remains composed resulting in advancing their business.
It is a potential tool to empower organization-wide success. It helps officials and administrators in managing to-dos, facility maintenance, customer profiles, contact support and maintenance, user maintenance, marketing material, rules, orders, quotations and a lot more.
With integration of a Bitochon CRM Unlimited, the staff has the ease of having data and information easily available to them. The information is not scattered. All information within the CRM is right on the fingertips of the staff. The information related to stock, products, accounts, history is all easily available to the users.
Bitochon CRM Unlimited makes real time analysis and reporting easy. Hence, this helps management in the overall improvement of the organization. The historical data of each customer’s cycle keeps the staff informed on the behavior of customer purchases.
Bitochon CRM Unlimited is easy to monitor and integrate with other important IT solutions in your company.
Bitochon CRM is a comprehensive and flexible platform that provides versatile capabilities for the contact processing, documentation, reporting, and analysis requirement of an organization.
Here are some of the Major Benefits of using Bitochon’s CRM Unlimited:
Alert Generation
‘Alert reports’ is another robust feature that helps administration and manager in quick overview of usually not-so-normal activities. For example, if a sales person has repeated a similar action over ten times with the same customer there is something the manager needs to look in to. Hence, alert reports, is a crucial feature for administrators. Alert tabs also covers if any of your samples were converted into actual orders or quotes.
Marketing Material:
Marketing Material helps administrators and managers in setting up and maintaining the documents and records related to the market. It also helps in sending quotes to your clients, emails to your sales staff and a lot more. You can send quick samples to potential new clients. You can also review your to-dos and performance for your permanent clients. Bitochon improves the lead generation and scoring of the marketing objectives.

Simplified Deployment:
Bitochon solution eases the process of implementation and maintenance for your technology team. Without the need for learning and mastering the multiple boxes, apps, and integrations from several providers, the technology team can manage all functionality from a unified platform. This helps the organization to add new features, whenever the need arises. Bitochon is designed keeping users in mind. Hence, it is extremely user friendly and easy to use.
Revenue Driven Computerization:
Also known as Deals Compel Administration, Deals Constrain Atomization aims to avoid copy the activities between a sales representative and a client. A CRM framework can help achieve this by automatically following all contact and subsequent meetings between both sides.
To-do lists:
To-do lists help you in managing the orders and tasks from your permanent clients. You can assign these orders to your sales staff. You can assign it dates, status and notes.

Customer profiles and maintenance:
Bitochon CRM unlimited allows you to maintain profiles of your customers. You can also review repeated activities, orders and other details of these customers. You can also focus on any one customer and extract out information if it is needed. When you click a person, you see their basic and contact information.
The Critical Factor:
Even with a one platform solution, the success of today’s customer relationship management is only possible through a proven technology expert. Such expert provider has the required and relevant expertise in all the related data, voice, IT infrastructure, software and integration domains. Some of the key skills of such solution provider include capabilities of developing custom applications, performing full integrations handling all support services without engaging external vendors.
Some other features of Bitchon’s CRM Unlimited
Our core focus is to help you in expanding your customer base. Here are some of the robust features that Bitchon CRM comes with to enhance the capabilities of your business.
Uncompleted Orders and To-dos:
It lists your to be completed orders and quotes. You can view details of each of these to-dos separately. The manager can also edit the status to each of these orders or quotes manualy.
System options:
There are several system operations and settings that help you in defining actions in different areas. Some important system options are:
1. Customer Restriction: It lets you restrict access to different set of customers for each user.
2. Maintain Action Type and Results: You can set up your customized actions. For example, out-going call, incoming call. The results are based on these actions. For example, generating invoice for every time there is an action of incoming call.
3. Maintain Customer Type: It lets you group your customers. For example, you can highlight high paying customers. You can change name of these groups anytime later. You can also setup regions and assign them to each group.
4. Maintain Inventory: You can easily maintain inventory of your products. This can be done manually or by simply integrating your accounting system with Bitochon CRM unlimited.
Dashboard Metrics/Reports
Bitochon CRM Unlimited helps the organization in achieving its objectives by KPI based reports.
By measuring effective metrics, you also gain indirect benefits and incredible marketing assets in the form of customer intelligence. Metrics measurement goes hand in hand with contact reason tracking, i.e. knowing WHY customers are contacting. The process of improving these metrics for different contact reasons helps you identify common customer misconceptions, operational issues, and even product or supply chain problems that may be unrelated to contact center operations.
The reporting module enables you to generate detailed and summarized reports. It allows the department head to review all events and activities by using various filters to restrict the results for date ranges, branch user, front-desk office and back office.
The back-office personnel are able to review each contact immediately and take necessary action. What’s more, the administration is completely empowered to create logical reports to recognize bottlenecks and territories of change.
To do rules:
This feature lets you set up rules for each action type and result. For example, you can setup duration of reports or follow up for any particular action.
There are customer rules as well, where can setup rules on behavior of your customer. For example, if you set up a rule for a group to call each customer within 15 days, and no action had been performed from the sales staff in that duration. The system will generate a to-do for that sales staff to call that group of customers.
This ensures that your staff is regularly in touch with your clients.
You can also set rules for transactions.

Synch CRM Emails with Outlook Module
The monitoring tools show the progress of pending items and service levels, volume, type, frequency, and locations as well as the bottlenecks in the process.
It helps in integrating your emails through outlook. Along these lines, none of the client data is passed up a great opportunity notwithstanding when it is accessible on your mail server.
Send Samples and Email Marketing Material
With Bitochon you can send samples and email of services. This can be a major part of your marketing. This robust feature carries out your word to the market. It makes sure what you do reach out to the best possible audience.
Bitochon CRM for Sales Staff:
Bitochon CRM unlimited helps your sales staff in having their to-do clearly in front of them. Your sales staff can apply any action to these to-dos. They can also setup or schedule calls to any customer in their to-do list.
It also lets users to maintain information related to each customer. They can identify profiles and locations of each customers. The users can also perform configuration on these profiles.
The users can view information of their pending and performed orders. They can see if they received any marketing material, note or order. Users can also attach documents with each customer profile. The users can see the graph of behavior of each customer. For example, they can view what kind of orders they place the most etc. Customer history lets the user gather information about previous orders of each customer to analyze their buying behavior better.
The users can also perform item compare between two items. This helps them in analyzing what is being sold more in each particular area.
The sales person can also view the real-time data of inventory. Hence, once they receive an order they know if it is available or not.
Why Us?
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Customers feel happy when they can get information and services anytime and without any delay.
Increase Data Accuracy
Every interaction is bound end-to-end between customer and the system. This reduces the chance of misconceptions and mistakes.
Increase Staff Productivity
Your support staff becomes available to provide assistance for complex issues, provide high-value services and engage in revenue-generating activities.
Reduce Cost per Transaction
Automation costs much less and offers more services that result in lower cost per transaction.
Organizations propelling new items or encountering development in client base are confronted with the test of keeping up the reaction level of client administrations and support. As more clients search for bolster contact a business, the administration division staff ends up noticeably busier. In the meantime, clients need to sit tight for longer term with a specific end goal to address an agent and get help. If you can reduce the overhead cost of customer service by automating these chores, then you may be able to build in price reductions in the product or service you’re selling. The provision of self-service allows a company to offer better, more reliable and cheaper products.
The concentration of CRM process ought to be on giving a lift and fitting backing to the different clients in the association, with effortlessly open support from the concerned office. The internal systems of any organization should be far more superior, which will eventually assist in delivering sound and well-managed support for the complete range of products and services to its customers.
Bitochon Customer Relationship Management solution provides a reliable approach for managing customer relationships in your organization. A controlled and documented pathway is created so as to cover each step in the life cycle of a registered complaint, i.e. from registration to customer satisfaction.