The Art to Conversion Boosting

Any webmaster can tell you about the time, effort, and money spent on advertising methods. Whether engaging in PPC, banner ads, SEO, affiliate marketing, all of the above, or methods I havent mentioned, you are investing a lot. Of course you are hoping all your efforts will result in the business boosting you want. The real test is what happens when a redirected visitor arrives at your site and why the reaction is at it is, whther its continued browsing, instant vbouncing, or a quick glance around and good-bye. Majority of reactions will be dependant on your landing page. A landing page is the page that the browser is redirected to. Here is where your creativity must begin. You need to create a page that is engaging, a page that compels your visitor to scroll further and browse around.

A landing page should be designed in an exciting eye-catching way. You don't want to overwhelm your viewers but a little pizazz can go a long way! A landing page should lend a professional air and be arranged in an organized and easy to navigate manner.

Additionally the landing page needs to be RELEVANT. A shopper who Googles 'baby furniture' and lands on a page promoting the latest in dining room tables is not likely to continue further. When a shopper is on the lookout for something specific, they're not interested in the wonderful items you produce if its not what they need!

A fantastic way to engage visitors is by duplicating a promotional offer that they may have seen in an ad posted somewhere else, on the landing page. Many time if you are running a promotion, chances are most of your visitors have come to benefit from it. Not posting the promotion on your site can mislead people to think that they've seen an expired promotion or something like that. Keep the shopping momentum going by posting the promotion clearly to encourage your visitors to browse your site and hopefully complete a purchase or two!

Get your creative juices flowing in creating a landing page that you would feel compelled to browse further into. Always display the primary features such as contact information and search options clearly.. Create a website that is easy even for first time users to navigate and you'll be in business!

Image Optimization

Many beautiful websites are filled with beautiful features and images that truly enhance the beauty and the sophistication of the site. The downside to an image heavy website is that images are 'heavy' and can take a long time to load. Delay in in loading time is not great for SEO, and definitely not great for visitor popularity. In the time it takes your image to load,the visitor is off and running to another site, without remaining around for those extra couple of seconds. Patience is not a virtue many people have when it comes to the web.

The solution to this would be to create your images and optimize them in a way that really decreases loading time. Then your beautiful and enhancing images won't inhibit the loading time at all! Firstly you need to consider which file type is optimal for each image. Not all image files go well with all image types. To be specific, JPGs are most suited for photographic images while PNGs work best with simpler images that contain few colors or are transparent. 24-bit PNGs is the file to use for images that contain a bit of both photography and simple graphics. To further reduce file size in any image containing less than 256 colors you can utilize 8-bit PNGs.

There are other formats available but majority use the JPGs and PNGs. Easy to remember, use the JPGs for anything photographic and PNGs for everything else. Additionally if still in doubt try saving the image in both formats and compare the loading time and quality to decide which you choose.

When an image needs to fit into a specific size frame, say larger than it currently is, avoid increasing its size to fit the space, rather utilize a program such as Photoshop to resize the dimensions and decrease the overall loading time.

There also many image compression sites available. Find out your options via friends and family to feel out which ones really work. And of course once you have your images optimized and your site is nearing completion do countless test runs and invite other to participate to really glean feedback on the loading time. Be sure to check it out before you announce your 'grand opening' you'd much rather it that way then to find out afterwards.....

Basic Website Building Tips

The process of building and developing a website is filled with decisions. Domain name, design, content ideas, all need to be figured out to properly portray your business. There are a couple of important ideas to keep in mind throughout all your development.

It may be very tempting to create a long domain name and avoid the challenges to picking a short name due to the amount of available options, but stick to short, sweet to the point. You want a catchy name, easy to remember, that will stick in the minds of browsers. Due to the large amount of websites many domain names won't be available but be persistent and creative and you are sure to come up with something terrific.

When choosing a web designer it may seem costly and unnecessary to hire a professional, but in reality it's not worth the risk of having your neighbor's computer savvy son-in-law design your website because 'he has a knack for it.' To create a professional looking site you really need a professional web designer. There are many designers who charge reasonably, especially for start-up businesses and can really help you achieve the website you desire.

Many times an enthusiastic web master will open his site to the public when not all the content has been completed. Posting a 'coming soon' note on various pages of your unfinished site can tarnish a business's reputation. If it's not finished, hold off your grand opening.

Accessibility is so important. With the advent of all new features in design using the fast paced technology we are getting accustomed to, its quite tempting to design a flashy, animated website. Stay away, animation is wonderful but use it sparingly, you want your website to be accessible for browsers using all kinds of connection. Designing with too much technology may exclude many users from accessing what you have to offer.

Once your site is up and running and you are feeling confident in your marketing abilities you may want to try a new venture, say publishing a weekly newsletter, or committing to a daily blog. Consistency is the key, so before you make your idea public try it out for yourself and see if you can keep up with it. Announcing a weekly newsletter that peters out after a couple of weeks gives off an image of inconsistency, definitely not the image you want to portray to your customers.

Your hard work and effort will definitely pay off when your website is the beautifully developed site you worked for.

It's Flash Time

Have you been feeling that for some reason your banner ads are not generating the amount of clicks you expect? Do your ads reflect all the other ads around? Chances are your ads are either in the banner blindness zone or are lacking the oomph to really attract a frequent browser's eye. Banner blindness zone refers to someone who ignores the advertisements situated around the preferred content, as if they don't exist. It's a common situation that frequent Internet browsers find themselves in; after hours of surfing they just tune out the 'irrelevant' features. But you need to get past that zone to generate the leads you need. You need to give your ad the chance to stand out.

If up until now you have been designing static banners it may be time for a change. Flash banners are designed in a way to optimally attract viewer attention via movement. The constant 'flashing' and color changing are a great way to attract the eye and arrest the attention. A big advantage a flash banner ad has over a standard static add is while a static designed ad tends to melt into the background a flash banner ad stands out and demands a second glance.

You just need to beware not to over clutter your ad with too much color and content which isn't really too eye appealing. It may be a good idea to ask an expert web designer to help you with the basic technicalities, especially when dealing with a whole new type of design, you want to make sure you really use it properly.

Some important points to keep in mind include:

ÒAvoid flourishing and decorative fonts. The animation is enough attraction, keep the fonts simple and easy to read.

ÒKeep the content simple and un-cluttered so it's easy to comprehend at a glance.

ÒInclude a well displayed call to action button on the ad.

A flash banner ad is great way to give your business the chance it deserves. When the standard ads are just not doing it, it's time to try something different!

Cherry Blossoms

With all the social media hype, many people look to the amount of fans and followers (sometimes even the amount added in a set period of time), to ascertain a site's credibility or popularity. With this practice on the rise, many companies may feel tempted to cherry blossom, or purchase followers.

But in reality, purchasing fans really gets you nowhere. Firstly, it won't improve your business and secondly, may even damage your reputation, definitely a risk not worth taking. The basic mindset behind the advances and popular to social media is the power of engagement, engaging the customers and their friends which is put into the hands of the customers themselves. A fan that chooses to 'like' a business does so because he wants to connect for various reasons, be it he likes their products, he likes their updates, or he was recommended to by a friend. So followers in essence translate into a prospective customer who is choosing to build a relationship now. A purchased fan can not be influenced, is not looking to change his mindset concerning your product and is not interested in what you have to say! So basically what's the point?

Purchasing a fan can be compared to teaching a college class of Styrofoam dummies. Dummies can not be influenced and don't care to listen to the grand thesis you have to present, purchased fans are the same. As the saying goes, you can't buy friends, which applies to your social media accounts too.

There are some merchants who are pro this idea following the opinion that it makes you page appear popular. They have a point, but there are many Facebook accounts flooded with purchased likes lying inactive for all practical purposes. The success of a social media account is measured by the activity happening on it, no activity is no gains. Rather focus on establishing good relationships with your genuine accounts, giving them reason and incentive to continue the relationship and encouraging their friends to fan you too. This is the best internet marketing you can accomplish through social media. These relationships are ultimately going to benefit you and your business in the best possible way.

Keep Your Blogs

The concept of blogging to increase visitors and interests has been around for quite awhile. With the onset of social networking many people are dropping their blogs in favor of 'Friend'ing and 'Follow'ing. Our suggestion is, not so fast...hang onto those blogs!

What exactly are the advantages of blogging over social media? Blog can greatly assist in SEO! ( A reason on its own to stay...) Blogs contain content which search engine index and rank! Due to the fast changing text, search engines are constantly crawling and updating. Additionally blogs are a great link builder. It's a great forum for people to drop links (only reputable ones) and for you to share back.

There is something about the personalization in the way a blog is written that garners people interests. Social networking just doesn't achieve the same connections. Blogs lend an opportunity to connect with your readers on a more personal level, allows you to share a bit more of your personal life with our customers. For example, share a hobby or favorite past time, you'd be surprised how much people appreciate the personal touch! Even if its just one or two viewers who love golfing as much as you and decide after your post in which you dropped a line about golf, "This guy is my kinda guy. I wonder what else he's got to say...." It can really lead to continuous customer support, an increased viewer interest and eventually profitable conversions!

Blogging is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. It gives the opportunity to present your product in its own unique niche that sets it apart from its competition. You can express more in the casual conversation of a blog about your company and what it offers, without throwing it in your reader's face, than you can via social networking. It allows your readers to feel a connection to your brand, a connection that will usually play itself out to your benefit!

We mentioned just a couple of reasons why blogging should not be disregarded. There are great benefits in maintaining this kind of connection with your readership and you'd do best to keep the lines open!

Build it Up

One great way to improve your SEO is through link building. As with most proper SEO tactics, you need hard work and effort to really get the ranking you want. There aren't really any shortcuts, just plain old hard work will be what gets you to the top. Do your homework and research which sites you would like to link to and which sites you have a chance of linking to. Different links are valued differently, and you want the best value for your link! Many times large sites will only offer links for a fee. Figure out what you can offer to the sits that link to yours in exchange for the link. Analyze what makes your link request unique and build on that. If you have quality content available you can suggest that in exchange or offer an exclusive discount or promotional effort.

Additionally, consistency is the key. You need a steady base of links in order for the search engines to be sure of your credibility. Obtaining a large number of links over a short period of time and then nothing for awhile looks a little suspicious and will cause the search engines to question further. It's not worth it to trick the search engines by joining link systems or buying links, rather try for one link at a time, acquired in 'white' way.

The most effective way of acquiring link is by requesting one! You can communicate via email, phone or utilize your social media contacts. Creating some sort of contact with a prospective linker is much more effective than a cold email, out of the blue. Create a connection and then request the link.

Beware of scammers. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Stay away from companies promising quick and easy gains and any shortcut you take will probably backfire on you in the long run.

As with all SEO tactics slow and steady wins the race. Be patient, research carefully and let time and effort build your website. And when needed, contact an SEO company to help you iron out the details!

Conversion Contribution

Can there be an advantage to referring customers elsewhere when a company can%u219t satisfy its customers needs? Marketing research has shown that not only will it not hurt a business to refer customers elsewhere it can even assist in conversions!! There are a couple of reasons for this.

One reason is that customers admire honesty in the businesses they shop at. By referring a customer over to another company, especially a competitor you are showing the customer that you have their best interests in mind. Customer trust is priceless, after all it keeps them coming back!

A shopper who has a need satisfied by completing a successful purchase is much more likely to pursue another purchase soon after, even if it wasn%u219t such a necessary want. So by referring a customer to a competitor which leads him to a purchase you are increasing your chances of having him return and purchase something you do carry!

A satisfied shopper can drop a quick post or tweet about a purchase or a happy browsing experience which greatly encourages third party conversions.

To illustrate this point, review the following scenario. A popular bath soap company that retails all kinds of bath essentials, oils and creams, doesn%u219t stock the particualr cream that a browser is interested in. Obviously the first step can be to offer, without being too pushy, a comparable cream that is stocked by the company. If that doesn%u219t seem to satisfy the customer it may be in the best interest of the salesperson to refer the browser to another bath soap company which may stock the particulalr item. After such a display of honesty and integrity there is a great chance that the customer will return to purchase other items stocked by the company in addition to suggesting to all friends and acquaintances to shop at this particular bath soap company. The company will lend up benefiting over and over again from that competitor referral! What a worthwhile suggestion!

Branding Through Blogging

A key in marketing success is branding. The goal in branding is to create a company awareness to the extent that when people think of the product you market they automatically think of your company. There are many ways to increase brand awareness but we will choose to focus on a cost effective and generally successful idea, blogging.

Using a blog to create a brand awareness has many benefits. Numb one, it costs nothing. Most advertisement methods incur large costs, though they may be worth it in the long run. It's ideal to focus on an idea that is cost free and can result in ultra awareness.

A blog lends a personal touch to your product. It allows you to share the virtues and to familiarize your readers over and over again about your product. It's a story you can constantly retell in different ways and gives you the chance to put a face behind your product.

A blog is a great conversation station, a place for customer and business owner to interact and build a relationship. It is a great benefit for a business owner when a customer has a relationship to the 'brand,' it increases the chances that he will use it and that he will share with his friends. This is in essence viral marketing. Word of mouth advertisement. A satisfied consumer who shares his positive reports with a friend, a coworker, a neighbor is promoting your business for you in the best way. People are so much more likely to listen when a friend recommends something to them as opposed to some anonymous rating on your product page.

And most important is spice your blog up with a little personality and invite your customers to see your friendly side more than just the professional touch. You can open up more on a blog, share tidbits back and forth and inject some positive product info as you chat! Get blogging!

A Peak at Quick View

The goal of any retail website owner is to generate as many conversions as possible which will hopefully ultimately result in profit. Each business owner tries to figure out a way to expedite the selection process and facilitate a quick adding to cart and finalizing purchase procedure. Many customers get stuck on the selection process, comparing different items, which slows down the adding to cart and completing purchase time. This is where instating a 'Quick View' option may really come into play!

'Quick View' otherwise referred to as 'Quick Look' enables viewers to view a larger more detailed image of the selected item complete with product descriptions just by scrolling over the item and clicking the quick view option! Without having to wait for a new page to load, a small pop up window will appear and provide all the information. This can greatly speed the selection process as a shopper can easily determine which product is best for him without the additional waiting time between loading pages.

To give an example: A visitor is scrolling trough the clothing products you market and notices a beautiful girls jumper. Excitedly the visitor decides to check which material it's made out of and see the design in larger view. Voila enter quick view where the visitor can decide quickly, based on the information displayed in the pop up window, whether the cotton material is to her liking or whether shed prefer something made out of a different fabric. Decision made the visitor can now proceed onwards with the rest of her browsing, having dramatically quickened up the choosing process!

Important features to insert on your 'Quick View' button will include an 'add to cart' option, the price (especially if its discounted, let the customer know early on in the process,) product detail images and an option to 'see full product details.'

To ensure the success of this feature it's a good idea to place the 'Quick View' button in a visible place to minimize confusion caused by the pop up window springing up from a hovering mouse. As this feature grows in popularity it will become a standard part of each website. For now as you introduce it to your visitors, design it in the clearest way possible to ensure that your browsers will appreciate the full advantage to this feature.

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