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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

We are available for consulting/contracting assignments in the area of Datmarts/warehouse and Business Intelligence Consulting. We have experience architecting and implementing a number of Business Intelligence reporting solutions utilizing Cognos, Business Objects and Brio. Typical projects consisted of building data marts, ETL to populate datamarts, canned reports, ad-hoc query tools, dashboards and custom components.

Past projects include:

Business Intelligence Reporting System
The project provided a consolidated reporting data mart and analysis/reporting tool to support financial, schedule, resource analysis, and reporting requirements. Application consisted of an Oracle dimensional datamart, feeds, pre-generated reports using Broadcast Agent, Customized Dashboards using ASP and Business Objects SDK, Infoview portal, Supervisor, Integrated NT security, Designer, ad-hoc query, and seventy plus full client reports.

Business Intelligence Reporting System
Web-based Business Intelligence solution that consolidated chronology, finance and resource information for managers. Project consisted of an Oracle PL/SQL feed from multiple source systems, data staging, cleansing area, Upfront portal, Oracle Database, Cognos Query, Impromptu Reports, Powerplay, Dashboards using Oracle PL/SQL, Integration of Cognos, LDAP and Oracle security.

Content Management Reporting System
Web-based content management system utilizing integrated Business Objects reports. Application utilized ASP, Oracle, and Business Objects SDK.

Business Intelligence Dashbard System
Project provides detailed insight into the performance of corporate information technology. System was built using out-of-the-box Business Objects components including Data Integrator, Application Foundation, and Dashboard Manager.

Business Intelligence DataMart
Project provides detailed insight into CDR data. System was built using Brio, AI, Oracle and Pl/SQL.

Mobile Business Intelligence
Project provided various mobile data points to be collected on how people were using application. This would include monitoring data events and client interaction with the mobile application.

PEO Business Intelligence DataMart
PEO business intelligence and reporting system in Cognos to capture hours and payroll data for thousands of employees.