A Look into Shipping Carriers

Marketers are always looking to improve their customers online shopping experience. In order to minimize competition marketers look to offer benefits and promotions that customers won’t find elsewhere. In addition, a company looks to perfect standard procedures such as shipping costs and return policies to best suit their customer satisfaction yet not at a large deficit to the company either.

One of the main incentives that will get a customer to complete a purchase from a specific company are the shipping costs. The best way a company can offer this is if they find great shipping deals themselves! There are other facets of the shipping process that a company takes into consideration before choosing a shipping company to deal with. Ensuring proper handling of the goods is of paramount importance. Customers will not appreciate damaged goods.

There are basically three shipping carriers that people use, FedEx, UPS and USPS. There are different advantages and disadvantages to each of the companies. Depending on what your objective is , choose the company you will probably be most satisfied with.

Experience has shown that UPS has a much smoother claims process than FedEx. There are generally less questions asked and less obstacles to smooth over with UPS when filing a claim. It is important to check out a carrier’s policy when it comes to damaged goods. Will it be your responsibility to reimburse the customer or will they take care of it? In addition, how effective is their handling system? Are accidents/damages likely to occur?

When a customer requests overnight shipping it is imperative that the company fulfills that request. USPS is the cheapest of the three for local and long distance overnight deliveries. it charges a flat rate not dependant on destination. UPS and FedEx are both more expensive and their shipping rates were determined by how heavy the package is and how far it needs to go. Of the two, FedEx may come out a bit cheaper.

Regarding Standard two day shipping USPS pulled in the cheapest again! In addition there are no fuel surcharges which the other carriers adjust monthly. There is an added benefit to companies arranging their shipping via the post office online, discounts ranging from 3 to 11 percent! This may sound too good to be true, so the matter was checked into more thoroughly! A representative of the USPS explained that due to the number of post offices and letter carriers throughout the US, there is an efficient system already in place. Shipping a package is just adding to the existing infrastructure set up to deliver as efficiently as possible.

Surprisingly, when it comes to same day service, FedEx and UPS clock in more than the postal system. Both carriers offer same day or first thing the next morning delivery as opposed to the postal service who cant guarantee same day and at best can promise delivery sometime in the next business day. their eta will depend on destination and shipping time.

Another advantage to USPS is it’s six day a week shipping. If you need a parcel sent on Saturday, USPS is the the one! Each company has different shipping preferences. Depending on what goods the company markets,the size of the company’s customer base, the size of their products, etc. different carrier options may work better. So, do your research and cross your fingers.