Are Industry Conferences needed?

All conferences usually offer us the best takeaways of information that very often come from the experiences the speakers share with each of the visitors to their booths. All of their success, failures and the changes they would make the next time are a part of their speeches. Shared experiences can be one of our best education sources.

However, on the other side of the stick, some exhibiters at the conferences feel the thousands of dollars they spend on the booth that allows them to share is wasted and worthless. Ever wonder why? What are they doing different from those that gain clients? Do they not dress well, present themselves as successful, or are they presenting useless information? That is something to think about!

Slowly but surely we in the industry are learning the lessons about what works and what doesn’t work at these conferences the same way we are learning what works and what doesn’t work on a website. A good web design and an experienced SEO firm on your team is your best bet for possible success. After all the end result is what counts!