Keeping in Contact

Constant Contact was established as a user friendly affordable email marketing tool with the goal to assist small businesses in building successful customer relationships. Email marketing allows you to stay in constant touch with your customers via professional looking emails ensuring strong relationships. It is known to be more effective than regular email.

Constant Contact is an easy service to use. Simply create your email with the help of the email wizard. You can also add in pictures and graphics if you want to liven up your emails. The Email Auto Responder can schedule welcome emails and commonly sent messages.

Constant contact also boasts tools like the Anti-Spam checker that can spot possible trouble in your emails that may cause them to be redirected to the spam inbox of your reader. You will then be notified so you can make the necessary corrections. Email marketing also avoids spam filters because it allows you to be placed more accurately in your customers inboxes. An email from constant contact is less likely to be sent to the spam inbox than a regular email due to its longstanding reputation of reputable emails.

Because email newsletters are fast and inexpensive to create, you can send them out on a more constant basis than paper ones.This will cause for you to be seen by a larger audience. Additionally forwarding around an email newsletter is quite simple so your loyal customers will have no trouble sending your newsletter around to their friends. Once a reader views your newsletter and finds it interesting, they will probably add themselves to your mailing list with a simple click of the ‘join our mailing list’ button. Now they have successfully added themselves to your list of steady newsletter receivers and are on their way to becoming a loyal customer.

Constant contact allows you to track who reads and responds to your emails. You can see who opened your emails, who forwarded them to friends and you can even view who clicked on what links in your email. This will allow you to understand what your viewers are interested in reading about so you can customize your content accordingly. There is also a feature that allows you to schedule delivery for specific times, such as when its most likely for people to open them up.

Understandably an added benefit is saving on writing materials and postage! Constant contact was created as an affordable service and true to its goal, prices start as low as $15 a month. No printing fees, weight surcharges and definitely no postage stamps!