What is the connection between a vanilla ice cream sundae with hot chocolate fudge rippling down the sides topped with peanut crunch and extra cream, and online bookmarking? Delicious of course! So how exactly does work and what are the benefits involved?

Let’s say you are researching a specific topic, we’ll choose the longevity of elephants just for the sake of an example. As you gather information from around the web you want to bookmark the relevant pages to find them easily at a later date. That’s the purpose of delicious! It is a social bookmarking website that allows you to save and share your information in an organized fashion. Additionally you may be able to find someone else’s ‘stack’ of information on elephant longevity by browsing through the database. A stack is a compilation of links associated with the topic at hand.

It is especially useful for researchers who want to share their information with co-researchers or other relevant parties. Instead of copying URLs and sending them around, you now have a place to save all information and share it accordingly.

Delicious can also be (albeit in a limited form) a means to social network. Users have the option to share links with friends and similar to Twitter, there is the option to follow other people. As mentioned previously this can be extremely useful to share information with fellow team workers or even with family with regard to any personal topics such as a location for a family vacation or a collection of penguin videos you know your brother would enjoy… It’s a great forum for saving and sharing useful information. There are plans to facilitate easy sharing via Twitter and Facebook though they are still in the development stages.

It is quite easy to register and gain from the plethora of information contained. Sign up is a quick one step process which then admits you to the next page of posted stack and links. Here you can access any posted stacks on varying topics. The process of creating new stacks is not too difficult and it pretty much involves a little bit of copying and pasting URLS into designated boxes. You will have the options to save, stack, and share your information with viewers or to mark it ‘private’ which allows for your exclusive access.

Whether you are a veteran researcher, a rookie scientist or just seeking a bookmarking site, try out for the taste that everyone is raving about!