Mobile Ideas

With more and more people taking advantage of all that their phones can accomplish for them including web surfing, shopping, and really anything, it is becoming increasingly important for web developers to create mobile friendly sites or options.

It is definitely preferable that your design allow for vertical scrolling as opposed to horizontal. It is very distracting and annoying for the viewer, be it a busy teenager or professionalon thier Smartphone or Blackberry,to have to scroll left at the end of each line. I know from personal experience, that even on a big computer screen, some emails come through that compel me to scroll horizontally and many times I have just given up and skipped over the email. To play it safe, I would recommend creating a screen with minimum 320 horizontal pixels.

Try to avoid unnecessary use of frames or any other presentation features that make it more difficult for mobile viewers to load. It is also imperative SEO-wise, not to place relevant content and optimum keywords in hard to reach or hard to load places. When the crawlers come searching you want to have quality content readily accessible. Many times there are images or features that won’t work well for mobile users though they might greatly enhance regular computer use. So, it may be worthwhile to install a separate option that mobile viewers can click on that contains specially designed mobile user content.

A site that is designed to be enjoyed by computer and mobile users alike, isn’t complete without a mobile payment system. Since 2006 there have been companies that allow their users to proceed to checkout using SMS. When the disastrous earthquake in Haiti struck, hundreds of people donated $10 to the Red Cross by texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999. While this idea is still relatively new, there are some mobile start ups available enabling credit card processing features on mobile devices which appear to be the next step in the mobile payment processing system. We’ll speak more on the tangible devices enabling mobile checkout in forthcoming articles. Stay tuned!