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One of the newest things to hit the search market industry this month was Big Watah, What is that? Certainly most of us have never heard of it. This amazing thing that we never heard of began at a Search Market Expo. Big Watah is a man’s brainstorm that reveals lessons to be learned by individual market firms and corporations. These lessons are the result of brand management and viral marketing strategies that turned a reputation scandal into a positive thing.

This whole thing started with liquor, imagine, someone got drunk and walla, he asked for water and Big Watah was born. Since the group of drinkers were Internet marketers, the news of their adventures were soon all over the Internet and being spoken about in the convention hall. This position is not new to many brands who have been around a long time – an embarrassing circumstance that could possibly cause damage to reputations. How many options does a company have? They can try to cover up the situation, ignore it or of course address it.

Luckily for this marketer, he and his friends were a part of the best reputation managers in town and they decided to face the situation, and of course promote the situation by calling it The Big Watah. He passed out stickers with it printed on them having them now all over the hall. His story appealed to the people with a good sense of humor, which was most of the people there.

There is a moral here for companies faced with embarrassing situations, come out in the open. Consumers appreciate your honesty and will continue to give you their confidence.

Now you might ask how this applies to SEO, well as a business owner, you want to give your confidence to a computer firm that will advise you on your web design and how to improve your website with SEO.