Twitter Redesigned

And lets take a look at what the wind blew in! A fresh new look for Twitter the popular social networking site. The changes come as Twitter tried to regain its position as the default interaction site. The new look has a two-way benefit as Twitter enumerated in its blog post. On an individual level, Twitter has incorporated a simpler navigation to make it easier for all users, those previously engaged and for new users, to see whats new and to connect with others.

The talk is all about the new ‘brand pages’ created to assist companies in their advertisement. The point is primarily regain those companies who had switched to Facebook for their advertising endeavors. The brand page features a blazing banner across the page, located beneath the profile information to enable the companies to establish a more distinctive presence. The company can design their banner to suit their taste and include company colors and logo. This will also help to increase brand awareness and recognition. Currently the brand pages are only available to a select group of established companies including American Express and Coca- cola. Twitter reported that these pages will be available to other brands sometime in the near future, but will remain exclusive to those that advertise on this social network.

The revised navigation now consists of three icons: Home, Connect, Discover.

HOME- Clicking the birdhouse icon will redirect users to their home page which contains the tweets of the people they follow. The only change here is the change to the layout, otherwise it’s the same home page.

CONNECT- This page contains all conversation streams where the user is mentioned, identified by his username combined with the @ symbol. Same page as before, just a new identifying page label.

DISCOVER- Is an innovation to the interface and allow users to view trending topics. This icon suggests keywords and topics to follow. Links to to other sites may appear here too.

There are a couple of other noticeable changes , but we chose just to focus on these at the time. If you have not noticed any changes on your interface yet, don’t panic as Twitter announced they are slowly changing over , it’s not a universal switchover, so it may take a bit of time until everyone’s looks the same.