What is the Difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

There are many webmasters who don’t know the difference between a web designer and a web developer. In fact, most of them use the two terms interchangeably. For a person not familiar with the job description of each, this can be a distinction difficult to make. You might wonder that these two terms signify the same thing. Hence, it is important to clarify what each stands for and how they are different. The best way to go about it is to understand what each one does.

Web Designers

A web designer is responsible for the front-end of the website. They are the ones who have to shape and formulate what the visitors to the website will see when they click on it. So, the designer’s primary concern is with the look and feel of the site and the level of interactivity it provides to the visitors.They lay great emphasis on the principles of website development and using them in the correct way to ensure a smooth user experience.

Moreover, the web designers are responsible for the usability of the website and web design. They have to ensure that the website is easy to use and browse around, even for people who have visited it for the first time. The fact remains that people will only navigate a website if they want to. If the design of the website does not compel them to do so, they won’t. So, the bottom-line is that the functionality and appearance of the website are the primary concerns for the web designers.

Web Developers

Web developers are the ones working on the behind the scenes part of the website. They are the ones tasked with bringing the designers’ ideas to life. Unless a website is developed and coded perfectly, there is no way visitors would be able to interact with it. Moreover, they are also responsible for programming the website to ensure that it works fine. They have to test whether or not visitors will be able to get things done on the website.

They also have knowledge of different programming languages like PHP and JavaScript. Their main concern is that the website keeps running smoothly and there are no problems with it. If there are any issues, they are the ones who have to diagnose the problem and work out a solution. In other words, they are the ones responsible for the back-end of the website.As you can see, the basic job description of a web designer differs from that of a web developer. When getting a website made, you have to understand what each of them does to ensure you hire the right professionals for the job. That being said, it is common to see web designers who know a bit about web development, and vice versa. However, stick to hiring specialists for each aspect of your website to ensure you get the best possible website designed.