Analyzing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website statistics program offered by Google that offers you detailed statistics about visitors to your website and if they’re successful at finding what they came for. It allows you to gather and analyze data about your website traffic so you can optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly. Many times the wealth of information available can be overwhelming to the marketer. Below I will focus on a couple of the important advantages and how to make use of them easily.

When you log into your Google Analytics account you will notice the Dashboard. Here is where the amount if visitors to your site and the overall bounce rate is recorded. Customize the Dashboard with all the information you need and you even have the option of emailing it to others.

One main reason for tracking your website data is to be informed of any significant occurrences , so you can respond appropriately. For example if the number of visitors to your site drops drastically, you will know and be able to figure out what the problem is. If its a faulty message or a hard-to-read promotion that causes people to lose interest, you will be a able to rectify it before too much damage has been done. There is a new feature, not released yet, that is called Analytics Intelligence that will be able to alert you to key changes in your analytics data. These alerts can be emailed directly to you, to inform you of the latest happenings.

It is best to choose a few primary goals to start with. Checking your site’s overall trends and sources of visitor traffic should be done on a regular basis. Google Analytics can even tell you whether a certain time of day or specific days of the week is peak time for visitors . It’s also important to monitor conversions from your advertising sources to determine which ads are performing like you want to ensure that you’re money is being spent wisely.

There is another option of having your data be sent to you via Google Analytics email report capability. Simply click on the email icon in Google Analytics and customize the options to suit your needs. This way even if you occasionally forget to go check how your site is doing, you will get the notifications delivered right to you.

If you are in the paid advertising business, like Pay Per Click, email marketing, etc. you can use campaign tracking. Just by adding in a bit of informaions to the URLs setup in your marketing campaigns, Google Analytics will send you a detailed report of your campaign activity. It’s easy to add a request for your campaign report to be emailed weekly via the Dashboard.

Other useful features that Google Analytics offers include:

With the Flexible Customization feature you can get the data you need, organized in a clear easy to read way, with the customizations you choose. Google Analytics Data Export Api allows you to collect data, create integrations, and develop client applications with. Custom variables gives you the power and flexibility to customize GA to collect the data that best suit your business.

These tips should help you understand and use Google Analytics to better your website in an easy, not overwhelming fashion. You will be more prepared to write better-targeted ads and strengthen your marketing initiatives. Try it, you’ll only see the benefits.