Google Financially?

Ever Wonder Where Google Stands Financially?

Well the results for the first quarter are in. Considering we are embroiled in a recession, they had a decent quarter. This shows us the potential growth of web users continues, even though the revenues were down a little, in the long term their future looks good.

Even though the sales of shares are down, investors are not worried and are certain Google shares will again be up and out of the slump again. Google realizes that online advertising is not up to par due to today’s economic situation. Possibly the other search engines are also finding themselves in a lower financial position due to current business pressures.

PPC (pay per click), online advertising where clients only pay for clicks when a visitor clicks to go to the website seems to generate revenue for google as it grew from last year. To go away from google for just a second, pay per click is a great way for business to advertise on the Internet. The combination of a good web design and relevant ads equals to a successful ad campaign.

Back to Google, analysts are closely watching the quarter-to-quarter growth or decline in revenues and be rest assured, investors are also watching the results. Relax, Google is not going anywhere!