Google TV-A New Innovation

Google TV is a new experience in the world of technology as it combines TV with the Internet and all its apps. Is Google TV something you have not heard about yet? Where have you been? Google TV is a smart TV platform and works on HDTV’s through a set up box. This operating system was developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech who developed the set up boxes. This amazing system became available in May of 2010.

The Google system works with a box on top of your TV and features video on demand, free office software, a browser, a remote control and a keyboard interface. Just type in what you want to watch and Google finds it for you and also lets you search for anything you like. Access is now as easy as a single click, changing between TV and the Internet. Google informed us that the new platform would be incorporated into new HDTV sets and Blu-ray players by Sony. Logitech will continue to develop set top boxes, and all systems will be powered by an Intel systems chip and will be available through any provider such as Dish Network. A Sony Internet TV should be released for sale soon.

Google TV will come with many apps, such as Netflix, Twitter, Pandora, Napster and Game time among others, already loaded As of November 2010, Dish Network now offers Google TV to its customers. This requires a DVR service and picture this; your Iphone can be used as a remote control!

One of the features of Google TV is the search bar for Internet and TV. You also get to keep traditional programming through your cable box or satellite dish. Your task bar allows you to do all the things current cable TV allows, like start over, watch programs previously shown and tape future shows. The applications that are now available to you through your TV are unbelievable. We used to watch TV on our PC monitors, now we can watch TV and search the Internet at the same time on our TV’s!

Technology continues to bring us amazing things in our ever fast paced world.