Passing the (Green) Bar

Google’s PageRank bar, more commonly referred to as The Green Bar, is used to measure the popularity of a website. PageRank can be described as Google’s popularity contest. These horizontal bars show people at a glance whether this page is considered a high-quality page and if it’s worth checking out. The rating is based in accordance with how other web-users view the page; whether they deemed it important enough to link their page to it! PageRank shows how many inbound links a website has. The green bar’s rating is based on totally objective criteria.

The green bar is visible on the Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar is found just above the browser’s tab bar and provides a box to type in search words to carry out web searches. The Google Toolbar is equipped with numerous helpful tools to help the web user. Included are such tools as spell-checker, translation, AutoLink, and AutoFill to name a few.

The Google Directory PageRank is in the form of an 8 unit measurement. This small graphic of page ranking can be found to the left of a site’s listing. The Google directory doesn’t show the PageRank as a numeric value like the Google toolbar does; it only shows it as a green bar. It appears that Google updates its directory rating more frequently than its toolbar. If you want the most accurate ratings it will probably be most beneficial to you to check the directory ratings.

There are millions of web pages today, all with different PageRanks. Increasing PageRank is a constant job, though not too difficult. Through various techniques Internet marketers explore the different venues available to help increase their PageRank. Many try searching the Web for the commonly keyed in words that are relevant to their site, in order to add the popular keywords to their web page. Some employ the various SEO methods to help the search engines better understand what their page is about. Others invest in a better web design to gain popularity.

So does the green bar really make a difference? If you want to know what the world thinks of your website than it definitely does.