SEO Announcement from Google

In March, Google acquired “Performics”, a part of double click and now had divested this to Publicis Groupe, a good friend of google. Is this a conflict of interest you ask? Of course it is because Performics as a part of their work advises clients of ways to maximize themselves and be more visible on google. WOW!

In terms of revenue, Performics is the 5th largest search agency, but is still wants to have a stronger hold on all of its digital offerings. This is move is meant to help its media-buying agencies the ability to offer more clients a wider scale for digital ad placements. The company has begin to work on ad-exchange strategies, and train its staff better in digital technologies to keep them more up to date, has it helped? Does their staff have training in the need for a viable web design. One with a good ranking that is constantly worked on by an experienced computer-consulting firm.

They would like to develop a simple means of how companies can purchase Web and mobile ads. Again keep in mind these ads are of no value if the landing page is not a part of a well designed website with easy navigation. Internet giants such as Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft are all a part of this.

Owning Performics had put Google in a very uncomfortable position because providing search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) services is like a conflict of interest. SEO and SEM firms, have the main goal of improving Web sites’ search-engine rankings and running effective search-engine ad campaigns. Google had no comment on this happening.