Unsubscribe Made Easy

Your screen refreshes. Four new on your promotional inbox section… and that’s just in the past four minutes! Not to mention the myriads of unread messages… these marketers seem unstoppable! But this is about to change. Gmail users will have been delighted to notice a slight change in the marketing emails they receive. Gmail has launched a new feature the latest addition to its quick action buttons. From here forth, (most) promotional emails will now have an unsubscribe option prominently located at the top of the email. Consumers rejoice you can now opt out of email subscriptions from the comfort of your very own Gmail! This sounds nice and dandy for all overwhelmed consumers but will all this negatively affect email marketing campaigns? Google claims not. Though this may seem counterproductive for all marketers it is actually quite beneficial. This option is being released to prevent their marketing emails to be marked as spam. We got countless promotional emails each day and while most of them we have signed up for; the volume tends to be overwhelming. At times out of sheer frustration you may have tried to unsubscribe but after unsuccessfully locating the unsubscribe button you have either left it (and choose to ignore all future ones) or marked it as spam.

Google’s systems are always trying to keep the web clear of operations that are not running within its guidelines. If they notice that emails sent out from a certain company are constantly being marked as spam by different people Google may identify the sender as a spammer. This would be extremely detrimental to the company and to its marketing campaign as it could cause delivery issues on all its emails.

Always on the lookout to keep its plethora of users happy (the consumers and marketers) Gmail is hoping this will improve consumer satisfaction and perfect the ways that the marketers reach out. So enjoy this new button, we hope it benefits you.