What Is Google Analytics & What Does It Do For Your Website?

Google Analytics is a free service offered to assist you in keeping track of how your website is working for you, the Internet advertiser. This Ad Word Tool gives you, the merchant, detailed information and tracks your website activity.

One of analytics main goals is it allows you to keep track of your conversions, the goal that brings you revenue. When an ad word campaign is added to analytics, you will receive a conversion code which must be placed on the page of your website that you will use to count these conversions. Placing this code on a purchase or sale page will help online commerce website trace purchases and sales. If your site does not allow for purchases or sales, you might want to place the conversion code on a page where users land to request information or send email, this would be a lead page-giving you prospective clients.

Sometimes a website can have a sign up page for visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or download information, and the code would be placed on this page and the sign up becomes a conversion.

Viewing your report from analytics is a very important tool for your website because it lets you know how your site is working. You will receive the following information:

How many visitors came to your Website
How many impressions your ad campaign received
How many clicks your campaign received
The total cost of your clicks
The average cost per click
The total conversions received
Your bounce rate
How much time each visitor spends on your site

This great tool from Google, if used properly, can help bring success to your website. Sometimes we think our web design is perfect when in reality it is not working for you, and because you can see this first hand, you will know if you have to make web design changes, or landing page changes. Your professional Internet advertiser will be able to advise you if changes need to be made.