Will G-d use Google?

Article: Around the year 1958 a horror/science fiction film made its debut called “The Blob”. It was a movie about a living substance that absorbed and swallowed anything in its path. The more it absorbed the bigger it became until it was eventually destroyed at the end of the movie. Is google becoming a “search engine blob”?

Google had it’s initial public offering in 2004 and since then it has become the number one search engine on the planet. Google indexes something like a billion or more websites daily and this number is increasing daily.

According to the Google Blog the first index in 1998 contained about twenty six million pages, just two years later and the indexed reached a billion. I think the blog goes on to mention that they stopped counting at a trillion pages.

In just a few years Google has been indexing and absorbing more and more content. The data that Google is collecting is just mind boggling.

Google indexes text, images, video and even sound clips. In the next few years will it index and consume the entire planets data? Will every single database in existence be indexed by Google? Will we even have the need to pick up a book anymore? The term “Google it” is already part of our vocabulary. I guess years down the road instead of teachers telling their students to use a dictionary they will just tell them to “Google It”.

At the rate we’re going when they look up your name to see you good and bad deeds of your life. Will G-D google it?