An Exceptional Online Help Desk

Dynamic Forms System for Your Business

There are many potential benefits to implementing help desk software or online help desk software in your business. Whether your business is large or small — or whether it’s small, but you want it to appear larger online — if you want a solution that converts tickets into trackable and accountable action items, Bitochon has a terrific solution for you.

Our system allows you to define subject-specific forms to track requests. You can then build in workflow and notifications around these action items so they are tracked to completion. This online help desk/dynamic forms system delivers for your company, your team members and your customers. If your business has a constant influx of tickets then this system is ideal for you.

If you want an IT help desk, the system allows you to create ticket types in connection with software problems, printer issues, etc. You can configure each ticket to request specific information from the person reporting the problem. For example, if an employee is having issues with software you can set the ticket so that it asks the person to identify the type of software, describe the problem, name the URL, explain what he/she was doing when the problem occurred. etc. If it is a problem with a printer you can ask for the printer model, location and type of toner used.

The applications are almost limitless. A building management company can create tickets regarding water problems, pest control, janitorial issues, etc. A payroll company can create tickets for new hires, terminations and more. A locksmith can create tickets identifying the various types of service calls (e.g. car problems, home break in, emergency). Furthermore, users can log in and create tickets and you can manage them.

What Can Bitochon’s Help Desk Support Software Do?

Our system can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to an IT help desk, it can be used as customer service software to log inquiries, and in a variety of other ways, too. Our online help desk software can:

  • assist you in creating a knowledge base to encourage self-serve options with customers
  • help you track service level agreement times
  • assign new tickets to your staff automatically
  • offer scripted canned responses to frequently asked questions.

A Service Desk Software That Also Tracks Performance.

In addition to helping you take care of your customers’ requirements, this system also can help you track internal performance to make sure that you are doing everything possible to reward top performers and to meet and exceed customer expectations. Furthermore, it helps your team members easily manage their workload.