Ready, Set, Launch!

Each time a new product makes its debut it is referred to as a product launch. When a company markets the product for the first time they want to make sure it gets an effective welcome to the world. Creating a product launch plan is a crucial step to ensure your product gets its due attention and sales.

Each product launch should be set up with a goal in mind stating at which point the launch has been successful. The goal can be the amount of sales, the acquisition of new customers, new subscribers, etc. Ideally all launches should have similar launch goals to better compare products and discover which products were more popular, which products took a bit longer to gain popularity, etc.

The marketing tactics used for the product launch should lead the company to its launch goals. The tactics may vary based on circumstances. Below we will discuss a couple of popular tactics for product launching.

*Each product should have a uniquely designed product page, complete with full product descriptions, clear images, and maybe even a short video. The page should be designed in a way that really sells the products, and describes it in the best way possible. You can consider include customer reviews as time goes on.

*Utilize email marketing to announce the entrance of a new product. Send an email around to your contact lists, at least one email a week for the two weeks before you present it, regarding the new product. Maybe even offer a special discount associated with the product to encourage quicker conversions. Newness is exciting, coupled with a discount you may have some very eager buyers!

*Announce a contest via your social media sites. You can have all ‘Like’rs entered into a raffle to win the product you are promoting. You can offer added incentives to those who are new ‘Friends’ or who sign up for your email marketing program, a coupon for the launched product or a chance to enter an exclusive raffle. Hype is a great outcome, as the more hype your product gets and the more visitors who come to check it out, the better your new product and all other products will sell!

*You can also design a ‘New Product’ announcement for the home page of your websites. Any visitor who arrives intentionally or even those who chance upon your site would then be notified of the latest product! Use an exciting font in bold colors to really stand out.

*Another great idea is printing some sort of flyer or advertisement about the product to be launched, to be shipped together with every outgoing order within the two weeks prior to (and after) the grand debut. This is a great way (and very inexpensive) to inform your loyal customers of another fantastic product from the company they love!

You have a lot of power through all the advertisement and marketing methods to really give your product a chance to shine. New products are exciting and people tend to spend faster on latest item than something you%u219ve had around for awhile (unless it%u219s a necessity). Utilize the marketing methods mentioned to really create a sensational launch for your product!