A Little Birdie Told Me….

Twitter is a social networking site created in 2006 and has since become extremely popular worldwide. It enables quick communication between one and his ‘followers’ (subscribers) via text-based tweets. The way you build your network in Twitter is by following others, then engaging them in conversation. Due to its overwhelming popularity many businesses are creating accounts on Twitter to gain more followers and keep up with the latest. There are a variety of resources for business to take advantage of using Twitters applications.

As in all social media sites, you’re only limited in your gain to the extent that you limit yourself. Think out of the box and broaden your horizons to fully use Twitter and all its benefits.

In the business world, branching out or networking with others in similar industries or locations is a great way to get ideas and spread your name. Many businesses find that using Twitter for networking is a quick and effective method. In addition, communication with customers and prospective consumers can be achieved in an efficient and friendly manner via posts and tweets. In a recent survey, over 80 percent felt that companies that use Twitter for customer service make a better impression with their consumers, a two-fold gain!

Twitter is a wonderful way to monitor customer feedback and to hear what others think of your products and services. It’s a valuable way to pick up information about perfecting and enhancing products. In marketing it is important to listen to what is being said about your product/service because companies need to satisfy their customers in order to keep their businesses up. All this can be accomplished with minimal customer-employee interaction so you don’t stand to lose out due to an employee’s hard day or a customer’s difficult spouse!

Twitter boasts applications useful for promoting company events, specials, and services. Its a great way to spread awareness and increase the traffic flow to your site. Another application is Twitter’s own search engine which is helpful for monitoring your online reputation.

Twitter allows you to engage in conversation with your followers. It allows conversation to flow; it is not meant as a solicitation device. Talk with people, discuss your product, add your insights. Refrain from sales pitching, like check out my website/blog at www.mysite.com,etc. Rather post your site on your bio/profile so if someone is interested it is available, and if they’re not it will be when they’re ready!

Use your imagination to figure out how to best use Twitter’s functions for your online business. Whether to spread your popularity, exposure to help your PPC campaign or just to strengthen customer realtionships. Explore and develop what is available to assist you in reaching out to a larger audience.