A New Twist on Advertising

YouTube, Google’s library of videos and video clips, reports a rapidly growing number of viewers per day. YouTube was founded in 2005 and has become the leader in online video, sharing original videos worldwide. The site itself reports 400,000,000 users world-wide! YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.

Using this popular feature for the benefit of expanding company sales is relatively easy and inexpensive. We all know the advantages of commercials over newspaper ads; people enjoy action, and seeing something on a screen or in real life tends to remains in one’s mind longer than a magazine article. Commercials, though effective are extremely costly and time-consuming to create. Creating our own video clips doesn’t incur those expenses because uploading to You Tube is free. Creating these clips doesn’t have to be a professional work of art either, though it does need to be something attractive and interesting, so people will want to view it and it will make the impression you are looking for. There are even programs designed to help companies with the production of their ads for YouTube, that take you through the whole process.

There a couple different kinds of ads you can produce. Below I will suggest a couple, though there are many types. Different ones suit different companies and products better than others.

1. A Walk- Through Tour- This option will be most useful for someone advertising for a hotel, museum,etc. Taking the viewer on a walk through of the establishment, pointing out amenities and assets, is a great way to pique people’s interest.

2. Demonstration- When trying to market a gadget or appliance, many times it can sell itself! By demonstrating its uses and benefits,and the qualities that make your product special, produces the exposure you need to sell your product. Examples include but are not limited to, vacuum cleaners, onion dicers (and other kitchen gadgets), remote garage door openers, and even a sprinkler system!

3. Comedy- Everyone agrees that great comedy attracts people by the thousands. Comedy is an effective tool for communicating a point or theme in a memorable way. There is nothing like having a good laugh. It gives you nice break for a moment or two, a chance to relieve tension, and leaves you with a new burst of energy to tackle what lies ahead. We can all recall the funny episodes we’ve seen. Using comedy to display our product may take a little more imagination and a lot more creativity but it will be well worth it when it pulls through. I’ve seen some pretty funny ads and I definitely enjoyed them. One, I remember was for Huggies diapers. It portrayed a world completely run by babies attired only in diapers. It went through a typical rough day, fired from job, flat tire, the works. And through it all the baby was smiling and completely calm, in his Huggies diaper.

Videos like these are a good example of entertaining videos that also help to sell a product. One thing to keep in mind when creating these kind of videos, is not to forget to relay the important pieces of information about your product or brand.

We see that this new form of advertising, could be really profitable and interesting. Its a new way to portray your company, service, or brand and to increase site traffic. From the YouTube statistics, we see that you are guaranteed a large viewing audience and a lot more exposure. While it will take more work than a newspaper advertisement, it will definitely be a worthwhile investment. Good luck!