A Peak at Quick View

The goal of any retail website owner is to generate as many conversions as possible which will hopefully ultimately result in profit. Each business owner tries to figure out a way to expedite the selection process and facilitate a quick adding to cart and finalizing purchase procedure. Many customers get stuck on the selection process, comparing different items, which slows down the adding to cart and completing purchase time. This is where instating a ‘Quick View’ option may really come into play!

‘Quick View’ otherwise referred to as ‘Quick Look’ enables viewers to view a larger more detailed image of the selected item complete with product descriptions just by scrolling over the item and clicking the quick view option! Without having to wait for a new page to load, a small pop up window will appear and provide all the information. This can greatly speed the selection process as a shopper can easily determine which product is best for him without the additional waiting time between loading pages.

To give an example: A visitor is scrolling trough the clothing products you market and notices a beautiful girls jumper. Excitedly the visitor decides to check which material it’s made out of and see the design in larger view. Voila enter quick view where the visitor can decide quickly, based on the information displayed in the pop up window, whether the cotton material is to her liking or whether shed prefer something made out of a different fabric. Decision made the visitor can now proceed onwards with the rest of her browsing, having dramatically quickened up the choosing process!

Important features to insert on your ‘Quick View’ button will include an ‘add to cart’ option, the price (especially if its discounted, let the customer know early on in the process,) product detail images and an option to ‘see full product details.’

To ensure the success of this feature it’s a good idea to place the ‘Quick View’ button in a visible place to minimize confusion caused by the pop up window springing up from a hovering mouse. As this feature grows in popularity it will become a standard part of each website. For now as you introduce it to your visitors, design it in the clearest way possible to ensure that your browsers will appreciate the full advantage to this feature.