Alternative Methods

We are seeing more and more the importance of quality content to assist in rank increase. But many website developers are just not talented in creative writing. And hiring a copywriter can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses on a budget. So how do you implement a strong content strategy that will help you rank high in Google’s competitive search? Below we will expound on a couple of useful ideas.

Create an infographic: Infographics are information, data, or knowledge given over via graphics. A well designed infographic has a higher chance of going viral over textual content because people enjoy sharing visual items. Your infographic should target a specific group of people, expound on a central theme and provide compelling data. Most people collect data for their infographics from customer surveys. Though they can be quite expensive to produce there are many online services available that offer templates to create infographics at relatively low costs.

Review Writing: Instead of writing your content, let your customers do it for you! Customer ratings are a super tool for SEO and they’re easy to obtain, all you have to do is request them! It’s also a great asset to the social aspect. Either you can offer opportunities for product reviews on the spot or you can send out follow up emails to customers who have purchased items from you requesting their participation in product ratings or surveys. You may want to offer incentives to encourage cooperation.

Let YOUTUBE talk for YOU: YouTube is owned by Google and its videos are given priority by Google’s search engines. It is very beneficial to your SEO campaign to create a short video either showcasing a product, testimonials from previous customers, advice from an expert in the field, etc. You can choose any topic, just bear in mind, you want something that will be useful and intrigue your viewers.

Slideshows: Along similar lines as videos, slide shows are fantastic for SEO. You have the benefits of images and the benefits of minimal writing (all you need is a title and a short description) combined to create a powerful tool in your SEO campaign. Just be sure that the content you are creating can be appropriately depicted via images.

So whether you opt for the traditional methods of the written word or for the alternative routes we discussed in this article, your goal should be the same; creating quality content that appeals to Google’s search engines and your readership alike.