An Overview on Optimizing to Ensure Conversions

After you have completed the web design on your site, it is important to do a quick recheck to ensure that your website gives off the effect you want. There are a couple of things to check over to make sure that your website is optimized to convert your browsers into customers.

Starting at the very top, check out your headline or title. Does it grab the attention of the reader, with something catchy or intriguing to encourage him to read on further? Are the font and design clearly displayed?

Take a look at your opening paragraph. People expect this to set the tone of the website. if they find it compelling, they’re usually in. On the other hand, if its a boring, unexciting read then with a click they’re gone. Imagine your opening paragraph as your face to face sales pitch. Does it project the image you’re trying to bring across? Also, be sure that your advantages and benefits are stated explicitly and clearly. People don’t want to have to decipher codes to see what is in the offer for them. by the time they would’ve figured it out they’re pretty much gone.

Try to use enthusiastic and positive language. Your offer should use realistic and believable wording so readers wont doubt the authenticity of your site. No doubt you are targeting a wide variety of ages, nevertheless your readability level should be approximately for grade six or seven; clear and easy to read words.

The layout and structure of your page are important too. They should be easy on the eye, yet eye-catching too. Make use of white space, to break up the text and give ample space for the graphics. Try for plain backgrounds as opposed to bold and confusing ones. Imagine that you were a new visitor, would the page, at a glance, compel you to read on, or does it look too crowded to waste time with?

Give incentives for completed orders. Having conspicuously placed, “order now because…” tags offering special offers for orders placed now is a wonderful way to keep your visitors shopping and continue on to the checkout. The same applies to a website offering a service; place “call now” with a toll free number in noticeable places together with special promotions for orders completed at the present time or the same day.

Last but not least is to ensure that your visitor feels comfortable that this is a reputable and authentic site. Before placing orders and giving over private information people want to check out the authenticity of the site. Have your phone number, address and all policies clearly stated , giving no reason to doubt your site’s credibility.

Most important is to constantly be on top of your website. Be on the lookout for ways to improve your site’s design, to make it even more appealing for your prospective customers. Put yourself in their shoes, and imagine what you as a customer would want for your online shopping experience.