Branding Through Blogging

A key in marketing success is branding. The goal in branding is to create a company awareness to the extent that when people think of the product you market they automatically think of your company. There are many ways to increase brand awareness but we will choose to focus on a cost effective and generally successful idea, blogging.

Using a blog to create a brand awareness has many benefits. Numb one, it costs nothing. Most advertisement methods incur large costs, though they may be worth it in the long run. It’s ideal to focus on an idea that is cost free and can result in ultra awareness.

A blog lends a personal touch to your product. It allows you to share the virtues and to familiarize your readers over and over again about your product. It’s a story you can constantly retell in different ways and gives you the chance to put a face behind your product.

A blog is a great conversation station, a place for customer and business owner to interact and build a relationship. It is a great benefit for a business owner when a customer has a relationship to the ‘brand,’ it increases the chances that he will use it and that he will share with his friends. This is in essence viral marketing. Word of mouth advertisement. A satisfied consumer who shares his positive reports with a friend, a coworker, a neighbor is promoting your business for you in the best way. People are so much more likely to listen when a friend recommends something to them as opposed to some anonymous rating on your product page.

And most important is spice your blog up with a little personality and invite your customers to see your friendly side more than just the professional touch. You can open up more on a blog, share tidbits back and forth and inject some positive product info as you chat! Get blogging!