Cherry Blossoms

With all the social media hype, many people look to the amount of fans and followers (sometimes even the amount added in a set period of time), to ascertain a site’s credibility or popularity. With this practice on the rise, many companies may feel tempted to cherry blossom, or purchase followers.

But in reality, purchasing fans really gets you nowhere. Firstly, it won’t improve your business and secondly, may even damage your reputation, definitely a risk not worth taking. The basic mindset behind the advances and popular to social media is the power of engagement, engaging the customers and their friends which is put into the hands of the customers themselves. A fan that chooses to ‘like’ a business does so because he wants to connect for various reasons, be it he likes their products, he likes their updates, or he was recommended to by a friend. So followers in essence translate into a prospective customer who is choosing to build a relationship now. A purchased fan can not be influenced, is not looking to change his mindset concerning your product and is not interested in what you have to say! So basically what’s the point?

Purchasing a fan can be compared to teaching a college class of Styrofoam dummies. Dummies can not be influenced and don’t care to listen to the grand thesis you have to present, purchased fans are the same. As the saying goes, you can’t buy friends, which applies to your social media accounts too.

There are some merchants who are pro this idea following the opinion that it makes you page appear popular. They have a point, but there are many Facebook accounts flooded with purchased likes lying inactive for all practical purposes. The success of a social media account is measured by the activity happening on it, no activity is no gains. Rather focus on establishing good relationships with your genuine accounts, giving them reason and incentive to continue the relationship and encouraging their friends to fan you too. This is the best internet marketing you can accomplish through social media. These relationships are ultimately going to benefit you and your business in the best possible way.