Creating Efficient Sales Without Human Contact

Have you ever tried to complete a purchase over the phone , only to be connected from department to department, repeating your request over and over again, getting sent from one annoying clerk to another? After hanging up the phone I’m sure the first thought flitting through your mind was ‘I am NEVER doing business with that company again..’ or something to that effect. The main benefit of online purchasing is minimizing human contact. A minimum of human contact means that prospective buyers can browse and find the products they are looking for without interaction with people. There is no loss of sales due to obnoxious sales clerks or scatterbrained and unhelpful sales personnel. Or due to lengthy hold time on the phone. In addition it saves your company from having to answer the same questions over and over again. A FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on the website takes care of many of the common issues that come up.

Because you don’t have salespeople selling the product, you need to create attractive product descriptions to ‘sell’ the product in their stead.

You need to write something that will quickly capture the attention of the shopper, a compelling description that will warrant a second look by the web-surfer. Using key descriptive words that gives the reader a jolt, a’ what did I just read, this sounds good’ feeling. Words such as better, nice, pretty, good, etc probably won’t provide much descriptive value. You need to be more specific. Describing a coat as ‘A warm and comfy jacket’ won’t grab attention like ‘A bear-hug feel with that sleek look you were looking for’. You need to speak to the customer, to try to create a positive mental image of the product. Describe the product’s features in detail.

Generic descriptions probably won’t impress the buyer. They won’t help prospective buyers figure out the differences between your product and your competitor’s product. It’s very important to point out those features that make your product unique, that sets you apart from the competition. It might be a money back guarantee, personal support, etc. Whichever you choose, use it to help your prospective customers want to purchase from you.

” A picture is worth a thousand words” . Where it is applicable try to post pictures of the product you are marketing. People love viewing the items they are looking for and it helps to answer many obvious questions.

A tip to keep in mind is to try to place yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Try to imagine the questions you would have, and the information you would want to know before purchasing a product. Include the answers to those questions in your product description to facilitate a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

When running a promotion or special on your home page make sure to include details about it on your product pages too. This way customers don’t need to click back and forth between the home and product pages. Its also an additional advantage to have a promotion staring your customer in the face; a little pressure to complete his purchase on your site without looking elsewhere.

Once you get to know your audience and how to get their attention, create product descriptions that will speak to them. Try to include the most attractive information to direct the attention of even the most discerning shopper to your site and product.