Does Your Organization Need A Chinese Auction?

If you are involved in a non for profit organization or a school in need of funds, then you should consider a Chinese Auction. A Chinese Auction website is a simple and profitable way to raise extra or additional funds to supplement your needs. It also offers the participants a mean to have some fun. You can develop a website especially for this purpose and sell tickets online in addition to a live auction.

This popular event for fundraising has many names you might be familiar with, such as a gift auction, a penny auction, a brown bag auction, or even basket games. No matter what you call it, the process is always the same. Online bidders can submit their raffles and bid on the item of their choice then wait until the date the winners are picked. You might want to notify the winners by phone, email or at the website. Your web design should be attractive and make visitors want to stay and view the items to be auctioned off. Keep in mind a web design also need be easy to navigate and have the ability to change the pictures of auction items each year.

Now you might wonder where the items come from, after all you do not want to spend more money that you have to when buying auctions products. It may come as a surprise to you, but many people in your organization or school know someone who would like to make a donation. Or people on your staff can network business in your area, gathering up donations. Some may donate cash which can be put towards a jackpot raffle; this is usually a good seller. Donations can come in all forms from silver to candy, but it is free! The more unique the prizes are the greater your profit will be.

So now to begin, online you need to choose your web design and develop your web site along with the date of the auction. If you are also going to have a live auction, you need a room large enough for the event. You may want to mail or distribute pamphlets letting people know about the auction and where it will be held and the URL of your web site if they want to bid and purchase tickets online. Online ticket purchases will come from places beyond your local area bringing more profit to your organization. A Chinese auction is a good place to try to win something you may not be able to buy, that is part of the enticement for people to buy tickets. This is good, after all the main objective of this auction is revenue.

So gather your thoughts and get ready for the auction to begin. You will be surprised to see that even in today’s economy; people will come through for you.