Effective Marketing

For all those marketers who think that email marketing is taking a backseat to social media, you’ll be happy to know that email marketing is still a more effective means of reaching your customers. And that is because it works! (Which would explain the volume of mail in our inboxes…!) Though there is a lot of hype about social media, if you have strong email lists it will remain a powerful marketing tool. Checking email is the number one internet activity! 92% of the internet population checks their emails while only about 16% frequent social media sites. Social media is a fantastic way to share news, give quick updates, and even coupon sharing. But if your intention is to acquire customers than email marketing is your best bet.

It is imperative for the success of your email campaign to create relevant and targeted emails to generate more returns, though it is important to focus on your objective and not just on what will achieve ‘quick-clicks.’ It is worth your while to design custom landing pages featuring the product or offer displayed in your email. It will limit the amount of time your browser can lose focus and maximize on impulse buying. Of course every page you design needs to be fully adaptable for mobile users, after all almost 45% of marketing emails are being opened on mobile devices, and 65% of mobile users will unsubscribe if your email doesn’t load up correctly. Click here to read our previous blog on more email marketing tips.

With so many people spending more time on social media than email, you would think that the influx of social media marketing would generate a stronger influence. I feel it has to do with targeting and attention span. In social media, even if you are on 24/7, there is so much noise happening it’s hard to stay focused. Regarding emails, they demand direct action; you can choose to read, respond, delete, or ignore. The extra couple of seconds you spent figuring out what to do with your email is valuable time for the marketer because chances are that the message they sent over has penetrated!

There is definitely room for social media marketing in any campaign. Many people like the fact that on social media they can choose to check out updates or ignore something altogether, while an email is more in your face. It can also be extremely useful to attract potential email subscribers. In a natural way you can attempt to direct your fans to subscribe to your emails. There are numerous benefits to each marketing channel and though it may be challenging to create a compilation of all available methods, utilizing the methods at your disposal you have the ability to create a fantastic marketing campaign!