Engagement Opportunities

Back when the idea of internet advertising was still new and exciting, businesses were thrilled to have a means to reach out to a broader audience via advertisements, whether banner ads, textual advertisements, or images etc. Businesses flourished due to the extra exposure and customers were happy to discover opportunities of which they most probably would never been aware.

But times have changed as well as the mindset of most of the customers has evolved with it. It is no longer enough to create a flashy ad and wait for the traffic to surge. The internet has given the consumers control over what they view; and most people don’t want to see in-your-face or advertising marketing. Traditional advertisement has thus, become much less productive.

So you ask, what is the best way to attract customers to your website? This leads us to engagement-based marketing. Engagement marketing is where you offer the customer something beneficial to them which will ultimately lead them to purchase or convert out of feelings of goodwill, loyalty and a bit of brand recognition. The difference between traditional advertising and engagement is who is receiving the benefits. In traditional advertising the advertiser is the one who receives the benefits whilst engagement is designed to advantage the consumer.

How to go about creating and engagement marketing campaign? As with all internet marketing campaigns it is important to know who your target audience is to best design an appropriate campaign. As for what to offer, it could be entertainment, information, guidance, tips; anything that people find useful and will most likely come back for more! For example: A gardening website can present tips on keeping indoor plants alive throughout the long winter, or present a short video on the best ways to prune bushes. You can also create a blog where you can write about relevant ideas and invite others to share. Most likely your readership will identify with the products you offer after reading up on all your ideas! Try not to blatantly promote your goods, though it is important to convey the message to your readers that you are the one presenting the best value!

If you want to advertise in addition to your engagement content, that’s great and by all means goes for it. But your focal point in your advertisement campaign should be on engagement marketing. After all, it’s all the rage to engage!