Advantages of Custom Software for Your Business

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Companies are always looking for ways to handle their day-to-day operations in a swift and simple manner. Smart companies are willing to pay good money for custom software development to fulfill that very purpose. Even though you can opt for ‘off-the-shelf’ software, also known as non-custom software, the advantages of custom software are much more.

If you are having difficulty deciding on which way to go for your software needs then let Bitochon Technologies a software development company in New York help you decide. Also here are six benefits of custom software that can help you realize the power of ‘custom’.

1. Tailor-Made to Suit Your Needs

The most important advantage of custom software is that it is designed and developed specifically for your company/business needs. It is common that a lot of businesses choose to go for non-custom software, only to realize later on that it is just not suitable for their company. By choosing custom software you will ensure that the software is a perfect fit for your requirements and processes.

2. The Software Evolves with Your Business

Custom software, when compared to off-the-shelf software, is far more scalable. It grows and evolves with your company. It is customary for custom software developers to have a contract with their client that will allow them to maintain, upgrade and evolve the software in accordance with the needs of their client. Since non-custom software does not perfectly fit your company, it cannot scale naturally as your business and operations grow.

3. Provides Better Security

You may have heard how hackers are able to hack into a business’s software due to vulnerabilities. This kind of security lapse is common in widely-used, non-custom software. Such software codes can be easily found online enabling the hackers to quickly find ways inside a company’s systems. Custom software development dictates that the specific software be created from scratch. These programs are very hard to breach as it requires much more effort to learn the system and its code.

4. Easy to Integrate

Custom software can easily integrate with your company’s current system. It is almost always the case that when you are using multiple non-custom software, they do not interact with each other perfectly, causing a conflict that results in multiple errors. Running software that has not been made specifically for your business environment can lead to a drop in employee productivity. They will face continuous bugs and won’t be able to complete their work effectively. By giving your employees custom business software you can eliminate this issue as it can function perfectly with your company’s current software ecosystem.

5. Regular & Easy Maintenance

With custom software development, your program will be maintained for the prescribed time as per the contract. On the other hand if you choose off-the-shelf software, you will be at the mercy of the developer to release updates to fix any bugs and errors. However, custom software allows you to ask for customer support whenever you face an issue with the program.

6: Cost Effective

Custom software helps your business save on computer hardware costs. Licensed software always come with certain requirements and with each upgrade, their requirements go up. Due to this you have to constantly purchase new hardware to make sure that the software runs smoothly.

Custom software developers will ensure that the program is made according to your hardware’s capabilities. This, in the long run, helps you company to save money as you won’t need to purchase new hardware every other year

Before you buy non-custom software, it is always best to consult with an IT Consulting in NYC. They will be able to guide you about the scalability, integration and maintenance of custom software into your business’s current software environment. In summary, custom applications are an excellent base on which to build upon for the continued success of your business.