By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

There are many mortgage brokers and real estate agents on the web these days. How can you distinguish yourself from the competition? It’s easy. You can get yourself a real estate website design or incorporate that functionality into your existing site. This will enable you to bring potential customers to your website by allowing them to search for properties. You can even allow them to enter criteria and when a property that meets their specifications is added they would immediately get notified. Bitochon has successfully completed several website development projects (over 200). Please have a look at our online portfolio to have a look on at our completed projects.

  • In today’s Internet-connected world, not being online is tantamount to being invisible. Internet websites offers several advantages to realtors because they can open up a new market for listings, services, loans, and Other Home Buying Information than ever before.
  • You can appear as a bigger company, which gives you a more level playing ground like the bigger companies.
  • Add customer appeal by having a section on your website that is constantly changing and bring back customers.
  • Your allowing buyers to do their homework at their own pace 24 hours a day.
  • Turns website traffic into solid leads, by capturing the prospective clients’ contact information and identifying their individual needs.
  • Brings in “out of town” business that can boost your earnings!
  • Makes it easy to conduct customer and prospect surveys for market research.
  • Works great with email newsletters to keep you in front of your clients.

A great deal of trust is needed to do business with a real estate agent. New homebuyers or sellers want the reassurance that they are doing business with an individual and company who is working for their best interest. Since it is often hard to develop a sense of trust with an individual that you hardly know, a real estate agent or broker website comes in handy. It lets the agent take the visitor on a virtual tour of homes from the customer’s living room.