Fine-Tuning Your Email Marketing Campaign

We’ve discussed the advantages of email marketing for an online business in previous articles. With the onset of 2012 new ideas to better utilize these programs are becoming popular. Email segmentation is the method of organizing contacts into groups thereby individualizing the mass emails as per the nature of the group. So say you have one group of loyal customers and one group compiled of names retrieved from other businesses. You don’t want both groups’ emails to be identical, on the contrary there is a different message you want to portray to each one. The email to your loyal customer group will be written in a more friendly and relaxed manner, and the group whose interest you are trying to attract will be a more professional email, detailing the main aspects and advantages to your business. Sometimes the emails may overlap which is fine, you just want to ensure that the emails you send out suit the status of the recipient in relation to your company.

There is the additional concern of individual filters. One in ten people are using their smartphone or other mobile device to open emails. If the option to open the email in a mobile friendly way is not available, you can be losing a lot of potential clients. If you take this one step further we can create the mobile version as an entirely different email! If you are a company who specializes in electrical appliances, your standard email will include the newest products available with in depth descriptions and beautiful images. When an individual will activate the mobile friendly button you can sing an entirely different tune and advertise for your portable chargers and smartphone applications. You are showing people what THEY are interested in. The mobile friendly option is another indication of what is most relevant for this individual. If this information is utilized correctly you can really be on the road to email success and profitable conversions!

Most email domains censor all received emails. You don’t want your beautiful, well-constructed email to end up in someone’s spam. By individualizing and categorizing appropriately you will give your emails a better chance.

There is quite a high percentage of people who delete emails not completely relevant to them, without a second thought. It is becoming increasingly more important to include more relevant and specified content per group to avoid being deleted altogether.

The results of all the research done on this topic show that segmenting email groups even according to job type or zip code can result in an almost 20 percent increase in open rates! By properly segmenting emails and including appropriate content you can drastically improve the success of your email marketing campaign.