Going Viral

Viral Marketing is a method of Internet Marketing by which brand or company awareness spreads by word of mouth or Internet connections. As opposed to a paid advertisement campaign, viral marketing leans more towards promoting the services you offer in such a way that people will feel compelled to share what you offer with their friends.

Firstly,implement a giveaway campaign. Offer a free gift, useful knick-knacks (engraved with company logo), service or whatever else can help promote company awareness to all visitors or Facebook fans. One thing, in order for this to be effective, don’t give away junk, give away something that people will really use or appreciate which will encourage them to tell their friends. A CD producer, may want to offer a free download of a song, a detergent company can send out free samples, a photographer can offer a free sitting fee as part of a package, etc. Aside from satisfying your visitors with their free acquisition its a great advertisement!

With today’s dependency on social networks for communication, work your network!! Create an account and update your statues with messages or information that will really GET PEOPLE TALKING. After all that’s the main objective here, to spread the word! Post exciting information about the products or services you offer. Extol the virtues and advantages to your goods; after all if a ‘friend’ is constantly viewing your updates on the quality eyeglasses you provide, its only natural that the next time his prescription changes he’ll decide to check out your service. And it just spreads from there as he wears the glasses and encourages his friends and families to try you out too! What people hear and read gets subconsciously embedded in their minds only to be pulled out at the slightest cue! The constant advocates for you business that you send out will just reinforce the positive impression you are trying to give.

Sometimes posting random, interesting, even humorous bits of information (for example: fish sleep with their eyes open) will keep people interested in what you have to say. Your success will be measured through your contacts who encourage their friends “Check out this website, the guy always has something interesting to share.” You want positive company awareness to spread and spread some more. People trust the opinion of their friends way more than the five star rating on your product page. And it can be fun for you too!