Get Your SEO Press Release Recognized by The Public

If you submit SEO press releases regularly to submission sites, you know that it is an excellent way to announce news about events taking place within your company. You’re also probably aware that an SEO press release must be written in a way so it will rank well within the search engines. SEO Press release distribution is a great Internet marketing tool to help generate leads — when it is done the right way, of course.

Often times, people will distribute their SEO press releases just to get recognized by Google, Bing and Yahoo. There is no question that getting noticed by the search engines is any business owner’s numero uno priority. However, there are a few things you should do when it comes to internet marketing with press releases. Here are a few SEO press release writing tips to follow:

Avoid Dull News

Having a well optimized press release is great …But it has to be newsworthy. Just because you have the proper keyword density for Google doesn’t mean you should ignore your human readers. Your SEO press release should be so interesting to read that it automatically compels readers to visit your website.

Distributing the Press Release

There are several press release distribution sites to choose from. Make sure you only post to distribution websites that have high ranking such as PRWeb and PRNewswire. There are also a few good free press release distribution websites you can post to as well.

Be Consistent

Posting one press release for the whole year is simply not enough to get recognized by the online media. You should try to post an SEO press release every time you have interesting news to share with the public or at least one press release on a monthly basis.

Avoid Spammy Press Releases

If you’re posting to high-quality press release distribution websites, avoid writing press releases that are spammy. It is okay to mention about a new product or service you’re promoting but don’t overdo it – that’s what sales ads are for.

Perfect Timing

The time of day you post your SEO press release matters. We recommend posting during the early part of the day because it increases your chances of getting viewed by the online public. Avoid sending your release on the busiest days of the week. We find that sending out press releases on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to be great days to post. However, Monday and Tuesday seem to be busy for most people and Friday’s and Saturdays people have the weekend on their mind.

Choose the Right Keywords

Just like with your web content, SEO articles and blog posts, make sure you utilize relevant keywords within your press release (but don’t overdo it). Some press release distribution sites have strict writing guidelines and will reject a press release that has too many keywords.

Hire a Good SEO Press Release Writing Service

If you’re unsure how to write an SEO press release or you simply don’t have enough time, hire an SEO press release writing service to create your press releases for you. They will not only write your press release, they will also distribute it to the right sources.