Impact of Gender Differences On Internet Shopping

Ask most any women what she would do on her day off and her most likely response would be to shop. For a women shopping is an outlet, a form of relaxation, an enjoyable outing, a chance to socialize, and of course a chance to add to her wardrobe. In contrast, men are generally more focused shoppers, shopping only when in need of specific items and in general they don’t linger and window-shop. Women account for more than eighty percent of consumer spending amounting to almost five TRILLION dollars a year. This information is quite valuable to any business owner and to any website owners too as many of these spending habits apply to online shopping as well.

In the early days of Internet shopping men were the primary consumers as the market wasn’t all that big and didn’t feature quite as many products. Once the Internet expanded to incorporate apparel, home goods, food items, etc the female gender started Internet browsing too. But one of the main enjoyments to shopping was the social aspect and that aspect was still missing. What are the joys of picking out holiday clothing if you can’t ask your sister her opinion of it? Additionally the lack of camaraderie and fun associated with shopping took a lot of the enjoyment out of it which definitely didn’t help the sales.

Enter social media and voila the women are hooked! Together with the improvement in all visual design and product images women can now shop to their hearts content and invite their friends to comment on their purchases. With opinions flying, the fun is back in and sales are dramatically improving!

The way the different genders shop is an amazing fact in itself. Women tend to swiftly go from product page to product page whereas men look more into the product detail and all pictures and angles of the product. The men gene of being more practical and thought out at its best!

Additional research shows a higher percentage of women utilizing social media to find coupons and bargains as opposed to men. Females are also more likely to recommend a product to friends and family via their social networks.

For an ecommerce retailer this information is quite valuable to incorporate into your Internet marketing campaign. A site that is primarily focused on women-friendly items, apparel, toys,etc should offer online chat, customer reviews, video clips and in general offer a more social and an easy browsing experience. Additionally as women always appreciate a good bargain, be sure that you are offering adequate promotions. On the other hand, a website selling lawnmowers and power-washing kits which are usually more manly interests, should offer detailed product descriptions, various pictures of each product, product comparisons and customer reviews.

Social media is applicable to both genders so regardless of who your primary customer base is, provide the ‘share with a friend’ option, present products on your own Facebook page and keep your business socially active. After all it’s definitely more fun to shop with a friend! Utilize this information to create an amazing marketing campaign!