7 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2014

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

The internet has changed the way people view and share information. This has had a huge impact on the ways of marketing. Recognizing and keeping up with the latest online marketing trends is one of the smartest ways of building and growing a brand.

Let’s look at seven internet marketing trends in 2014 that are bound to shape the future of online marketing.

1. Quality Content

Content will remain the King throughout 2014, and probably throughout the years that follow. One of the best ways for businesses to gain the trust of their target audience is by providing valuable information. The mark of a successful website design will continue to be quality content.During the creation and development of website the developers should pay attention to website content. Whatever purpose a website has, it should have valuable information that informs, educates and influences visitors – the potential customers. You certainly need a great website design to attract and hold your potential customers’ attention, but quality content should be part of the mix. The best ways to utilize quality content include:

  • Writing relevant informational and persuasive website content
  • Writing and Distributing Articles
  • Writing and Publishing Press Releases
  • Creating and Maintaining a Blog
  • Sending out e-newsletters

The idea is to add fresh and unique content to your online presence. This will help you build a rapport with your target audience.

2. Social Media Marketing

You would ignore social media marketing to your brand’s detriment. Regardless of your business size, nature, goals, products and services, your target market spends considerable time in the world of social media. You should connect to your target audience where they are.

If you hired a team for website development in New York, ask the developers to recommend social media marketing specialists. Leveraging the power of social media is much more than posting interesting pictures on your brand’s Facebook page! A social media marketing team will help boost your brand by making the most of the following social media avenues:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Marketing via these channels will help you build an easily recognizable, trusted and hence successful brand.

3. Image Content

Your audience should be able to absorb your online content easily. With so many advertisements bombarding people with difficult words and confusing images, it is important to make your online image content as simple and efficient as possible. Whether it is the images on your website, pictures weaved into your blog posts, or those uploaded on your social media profiles, the quality of picture content will dramatically affect your brand.

This is the reason why sites like BuzzFeed and Pinterest are so successful. The marketing potential of viral image content is enormous. Even though written content will always be crucial, image content plays an important role in your internet marketing strategy. Your website development team can guide you on the best way to utilize imagery to create an online brand that’s hard-to-ignore.

4. Less Is More

Consumers continue to fall in love with simplicity. Instead of bogging them down with protracted messages, keep your marketing messages short and catchy. From the design & layout of your website to the copy on your home page and social media, keep your messages concise. Obviously there is a place for detailed content, but it is not everywhere. Your brand’s content should be simple and uncluttered. This minimalistic approach is the way successful online marketing will be done in 2014, and beyond it.

People are being constantly barraged with advertisements and information. All these ‘look at me’ flashy ways of marketing make the audience feel repulsive towards the marketer as their natural ‘anti-advert’ defenses go up. This is why most innovative marketers have chosen the ‘Less is More’ philosophy.

5. Mobile-Friendly Content

Smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing laptops and personal computers. The market share for mobile devices is growing rapidly, which is why the best online marketing campaigns will revolve around mobile devices. If you don’t already have a mobile version of your website, make one. You can also discuss a responsive web design with your website development team.

With more companies adopting this practice, it is easy to lose customers to your competition. Staying on top of the increasingly important mobile trends helps you market your brand in the best way possible. An increasing number of your potential customers come in contact with your brand via mobile device. If you have hired a website development team in New York, you should discuss how you can make your site more mobile-friendly.

6. Ad Retargeting

This internet marketing trend is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Ad retargeting involves reading browser cookies and using them to track any website that the user had previously visited. Whatever services or products they viewed will be showed to them again when visiting other sites.

Ad retargeting is a very effective marketing technique as it helps boosts conversion rate by reminding the user of the products and services they had viewed previously. This ensures that your product and brand stay in the consumer’s mind. Ad retargeting also pays off in the long run even if the user does not make an immediate purchase. Online marketers have had great success with ad retargeting, which is why this technique will be utilized even more in 2014.

7. The Union of Social Signals and SEO

The goal of every search engine is to provide its users with the most relevant information possible. Social signals (as of now) are not the heavyweights of organic search rankings but it cannot be denied that they are one of the strongest pillars of SEO. Product pages, articles and blog posts are an important factor due to the number of social shares they receive.

If a content piece is being shared more among online users, it is a testament to the content’s high quality. Search engines reward such content. Social shares have become a seal of approval for users, something which search engines value above all else. If the number of shares is high then it shows that it offers something of value.

To stay ahead of your competition and on top of these trends, make sure that you hire the best firm for your internet marketing in NY.