The Importance of Quality Web Design for Internet Marketing

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

When creating an internet marketing strategy, most businesses ignore the importance of the design of their website. The fact of the matter is that the quality of your website’s design can make or break your online marketing campaign. There are many techniques and tactics you can apply to catch people’s attention online and convince them to take the desired action, but they will, in all likelihood, check the design of your website before deciding to make a purchase (or not).

The Numbers Tell a Story

Numerous studies show that nearly 75% of online shoppers consider web design an important factor for determining the credibility of a business. This means that the quality of your web design is a reflection of the standard of your business. Needless to say, if a visitor doesn’t find your website credible, the chances of him/her making a purchase are negligible. So, this means that if your website is designed poorly, you will lose out on potential customers.For online businesses, the website is their lifeblood.The quality of a website design should never be compromised upon, as it is an extension of your business online.

How Web Design Impacts Conversion

The design of your website also impacts the conversion rate. Making small tweaks to the design elements of your landing page or homepage can bring about a major change in the conversion, for the better of course. Given the level of competition in the market today, regardless of industry, a higher conversion rate enables you to trump your conversion and gain an edge on them. A higher conversion rate means higher return on investment (ROI) on your internet marketing. You can channel the profits to put up more ads and increase your share of the market.

Google Wants Quality Web Design

If you want your website to rank high in Google search results (why wouldn’t you?), the design of your website has to be topnotch. Google pays more credence to web design now than it has ever before. In fact, apart from your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and the content you post on your website, the website’s design may well be the most important factor you need to focus on. Plus, you cannot incorporate basic SEO elements in your website (ALT tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, etc) if it is not designed keeping internet marketing needs in mind.

Track Analytics Data

Last, but not the least, if you want to track the online behavior of the visitors to your website, it is important that you are able to deploy advanced tracking tools. Google Analytics does make tracking user data easier but only if your website allows you to use those tools. Without being able to track visitor information, you cannot judge the success of your online marketing campaign. Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to your strategy but that isn’t possible if you don’t have relevant data to base your decisions on. Get in touch with a specialist firm for web design in New York to ensure the design of your website makes internet marketing easy.