Keep Your Blogs

The concept of blogging to increase visitors and interests has been around for quite awhile. With the onset of social networking many people are dropping their blogs in favor of ‘Friend’ing and ‘Follow’ing. Our suggestion is, not so fast…hang onto those blogs!

What exactly are the advantages of blogging over social media? Blog can greatly assist in SEO! ( A reason on its own to stay…) Blogs contain content which search engine index and rank! Due to the fast changing text, search engines are constantly crawling and updating. Additionally blogs are a great link builder. It’s a great forum for people to drop links (only reputable ones) and for you to share back.

There is something about the personalization in the way a blog is written that garners people interests. Social networking just doesn’t achieve the same connections. Blogs lend an opportunity to connect with your readers on a more personal level, allows you to share a bit more of your personal life with our customers. For example, share a hobby or favorite past time, you’d be surprised how much people appreciate the personal touch! Even if its just one or two viewers who love golfing as much as you and decide after your post in which you dropped a line about golf, “This guy is my kinda guy. I wonder what else he’s got to say….” It can really lead to continuous customer support, an increased viewer interest and eventually profitable conversions!

Blogging is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. It gives the opportunity to present your product in its own unique niche that sets it apart from its competition. You can express more in the casual conversation of a blog about your company and what it offers, without throwing it in your reader’s face, than you can via social networking. It allows your readers to feel a connection to your brand, a connection that will usually play itself out to your benefit!

We mentioned just a couple of reasons why blogging should not be disregarded. There are great benefits in maintaining this kind of connection with your readership and you’d do best to keep the lines open!