Making the Most of the Holidays

Holiday shopping is in full swing and with the economy today people are more likely to think a long time before purchasing, compare prices, and weigh pros and cons, than in other years. It will be to your great benefit to decide on special promotions during these weeks to increase customer interest for your products and increase traffic to your site. It is also important to evaluate your keyword rankings to see if your website is listed in the top ten search results for your targeted keywords. A recent study has shown that people look mainly at the top 10 results on the first page with the amount of viewers drastically dropping by the second page.

Once we have prospective buyers trafficking our site, it is up to us to encourage browsers to become buyers. Many times, people will browse a website, select a couple of items, place them in their shopping cart and… leave them there for a couple of days! while they hem and haw, compare, etc. I’d like to propose a solution to remedy the problem.

We need to secure this prospective customer browsing our site and give him a reason to want to buy NOW. Try offering a special incentive to complete the purchase now. Offer a small discount, free gift, even a free shipping promotion. Every customer loves a good bargain and won’t want to risk losing out on your special offer. Use creativity in your offer. Track the customer’s browsing and offer a gift he’ll be interested in. A real incentive to get them to close the deal! An additional idea to keep in mind may be to encourage people to sign up with their email address. This gives you the opportunity to follow up, and even to send out coupons and discounts with a one day expiration. It reminds the customer, hey i was interested n a product on that site and if i buy it now, i can save! Studies show that a follow up email a day later results in in an up to fifty percent reconversion rate.

Another important facet is creating trust. You need to communicate your online store’s trustworthiness by showing clear guarantees and contact information. Make sure to display company phone numbers in prominent locations and to post clear and straight-forward return policies.

At this time of year it’s imperative to grab the opportunity of high sales and strengthening customer loyalty that this season offers. Its a chance not to be missed and it’s relatively easy to make the best you can out of it.