Mascoting for Marketing

Here’s a great, though seemingly unusual idea how to promote your company’s popularity and sales. Create a company mascot. You’re probably thinking how utterly childish and unprofessional but just the opposite. A mascot will generate happy positive feelings in potential customers and it lends a bit of personality to your organization. This will do wonders for your selling techniques. Your mascot is there to promote your brand or products’ sales and to develop awareness and positive feelings when people think about or see an advertisement for your company. Though the general rule is “Don’t judge a book by its cover’ when it comes to product packaging or website popularity, good and positive design is the main way to attract interest.

When you institute a smiling and friendly mascot it lends a cheer in the air. It allows browsers or customers, even those having a hard day, a bit of lightening up when they see the smiling character on your website or product package. Creating a mascot in bright colors causes your packaging to become an eye catching and attractive looking product which draws the eyes of the consumers towards your direction. Bright colors especially are well known to benefit product sales.

When you visualize the cereal aisle in your local supermarket,your thoughts automatically drift to include the many boxes on the stocked shelves. You envision the bright colors and smiling features of the characters prominently displayed on the assortment of brands available. Whether its the three “Snap, Crackle, and Pops” of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, the smiling monkey on the outside of the Coco Pops, or good ole Captain from Cap’n Crunch, characters definitely promote interest and sales. +

Not necessarily does your mascot need to be cute and cuddly to get you the sales you want. many customers look for the mascots with a bit of attitude. A mascot is there to attract attention, and keep your consumers interested in your product. So whatever will get people is optimal for mascot creation!

Who doesn’t recognize the bulging eyes of the Geico frog. He eyes you from the billboards and TV commercials encouraging you to check more into his company’s policies. Or the familiar face of MR Clean baring his muscles with that smirk on his face off the bottles of cleansers available. How about the Pringles can? The point is you want to create recognition among customers and brand loyalty which is easily achieved by establishing a familiar figure!

When creating a mascot particularly for the online market, you need something versatile, with the flexibility to be used throughout the entire branding campaign. Take for example, the Twitter bird. It is constantly being duplicated in various forms by Twitter’s loyal fans and friends. Your mascot must be able to easily be added to the emails, websites and eventually product packaging for your company.

One last important tip is to create a mascot which is timeless. Do your research to find out which character won’t go out of style or look too old fashioned a couple of years down the line. You want your mascot to be able to positively represent your company for many years. A mascot will probably need a bit of modernization here and there every couple of years, that’s okay as long as the general image remains the same, to keep those loyal customers returning.