Maximizing Returnees

Retailers are constantly brainstorming on internet marketing tactics to encourage customers to return and re-shop. The advantage of targeting previous customers is quite obvious- once a customer has created a so to speak bond with your company, either by purchasing a product, or gaining valuable information they are more quick to head on over when a service is needed. But relying on fond feeling s not enough; it’s essential to create compelling reasons for your customer to want to return.

I’d like to suggest a couple of options. Cultivate a relationship with your customer by conversation engagement. A conversation gives you great insight about your customer and his likes and dislikes. Your conversation can take place anywhere, on your website, someone else’s website or via social network. As a customer, my personal favorite is live chat. I feel like there is someone readily available to assist me. And yes, it can definitely be a determining factor in doing business with company who has a live chat option because it makes my experience that much smoother. And of course all customer contact information should be prominently displayed on each page. The more accessible you are, the more personal you can be with your customers the more readily they will want to do business with you.

Another great idea is product strategy. Let the thrill of your products encourage your customers to return for more. A great way to do this is by having new items debut on a specific day of the month so your avid consumers will be sure to check back in then. Also consider offering accessory perks by offering accessories or coordinating items to previously purchased products at a lower price. An example could be: After launching your chevron style collection and bringing in lots of sales, midway through the month advertise coordinating shoes at a discounted rate. An obvious advantage is aside from the lure of a bargain; because you know that this customer likes the style your marketing is quite targeted.

Price matching is a definite appealer. . With the ease of price comparing nowadays and the thrill of getting an identical item at a reduced rate it is in your best interest to offer some sort of price matching incentive. For shoppers who like your service yet don’t want to spend too much a price match will most likely cement their decision. Interestingly enough, many time just the idea that you will price match will encourage people to purchase even without taking advantage of this offer. They assume that if you are confident enough to offer price matching, your prices can’t be that bad altogether. Offering negotiable rates for items bought in larger quantities is also a great way to appeal to your customers and to encourage them to purchase more.

So put the effort in. When you have the information on what your customers want it’s worth it to keep bringing it in for them. Once a customer you’ve got to do your best to keep them always a customer!