Maximizing the Facebook Potential for Your Online Business

Everyone can vouch for Facebook’s popularity. Facebook, is for all practical purposes a staple in the English language and everyone regardless of whether they have an account or not, is aware of its magnetic presence. For a ecommerce retailer there are many opportunities available to maximize your Internet marketing campaign and business potential by properly utilizing the many factors to Facebook.

Firstly ascertain whether your clientele have Facebook accounts. Chances are they do and then you just need to design an exciting page and encourage the ‘Friending’. Once your page is active you can encourage your fans to post comments or even pictures of how useful they found your products, or post clips depicting their usage of the products. This is a great way to influence their friends to try out your products.

Another great idea is to post a picture of a product or an idea of something you can use a product for as a way to start a conversation with your friends. Getting people involved is the best marketing venture out there! An involved fan feels an attachment (even if it’s very slight) to the website that respects his opinion and is more likely to purchase or convert on that site.

Many sites routinely host promotions or special discounts. A great way to increase traffic to your site(because after all that’s the ultimate goal in a sale) is by posting the sale on your page, giving your fans the opportunity to ‘like’ it and’ share with friends.

Another great way to drive traffic to a store is by advertising in-store events on your page. This way you get your fans to actually drive over and check out what you are advertising plus give them the opportunity to view your actual store and take advantage of the multitudes of actual items there. Generating physical traffic is so worthwhile because when people see the actual item half of the decision-making process is over; while shopping online you still need the visitor to decide whether the items looks as fantastic as it sounds!

While the opportunities seem endless, the ideas mentioned above are really the place to start when you are looking for the best way to grow your online business. Though the beginning may feel rough as you charter new territories it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and really maximize the potential of your business.