More on Emails

Personalization is a popular method marketers utilize to connect with their subscribers. A personalized email campaign can increase order value by 57%!! An email is personalized when the name of the recipient is inserted somewhere in the email be it the subject line or in the actual message body. Studies have shown that personalizing the text is more likely to increase open rates as oppose to personalized subject lines which can inhibit email openings. Nowadays people are wary of emails with their names jumping out from the subject line (unless you are a travel company) that they may even delete them without opening it first.

In order to create effective emails it is important to have pertinent information. Surveys are a great way to gather personal information such as age, gender, likes, etc. This knowledge will assist you in creating a more streamlined email campaign. The more knowledge you have the more personal and specific you can be.

Though this next idea may seem contradictory to personalization, it’s not! The automation process helps you follow up with your customers based on behavior. In a nutshell it helps you send out emails to your customers in a timely fashion ensuring you are always at the forefront of their mind whenever they decide to actually make a purchase.

And when a promotional approach that you had high hopes for falls flat on its face it’s time for metric review. It’s important to take stock of evolving consumer buying patterns. Metrics analysis will give you a deeper look at what your customer s like and need.

There are many ways to personalize an email. Whether you choose to insert the recipient’s name in the message body, or if you don’t know the names and you choose a generic title such as valued consumer, or you can skip the actual name and just send relevant emails based on the data you have collected. The idea is to send an email in which the recipient feels a connection and will hopefully pay you a visit soon after!