New Arrivals

With spring in the air most people are shopping or at least browsing around to view the seasons new arrivals. With the winter hues being replaced by more springy colors, people get excited for the onset of the season of rebirth and the thrill of shopping again. Now is a great time to check on your website’s shopping experience to truly benefit from the reopening of the wallets.

Firstly, if after all these blogs you still haven’t completely integrated social media into your website, don’t push it off any longer. It is so effective and costs nothing except a bit of time and you will really see results. Place your social media buttons in a prominent location on your site to facilitate easy access for any visitor.

With the changing of your site colors to reflect the spring atmosphere ensure that your contact information is still clearly visible. If the winter colors were brown and reds and your contact info was written in a crisp white, now when you do a turnaround to pastel colors you need to redesign your contact info too so it still stands out.

Consider adding the option of ‘live chat’ for your visitors. Countless times I have been delighted to find that trusty icon which has saved me so many hours of indecision hoping for an answer to an email I had sent a company. Or better yet, listening to many minutes of classical hold music as I waited to speak to a representative. Live chats definitely expedite a decision process with a customer representative able to solve your dilemmas almost instantly. It’s a great benefit for a website because it gives you the opportunity to catch onto prospective customers before they move on elsewhere to find their answer.

A great way to encourage a sale closing is by posting either a generic ‘limited amounts available’ where applicable, or even specifying exactly how many of the item you have left. It gives shoppers the push they need to swipe the card because they fear they may lose the chance to acquire it altogether. I’ve had experiences like that while online shoe shopping. I casually add things to my basket, yet when the ‘only 2 left in this size’ warning pops up I seriously considered buying it right then, whether i needed it or not!

You might want to consider making a change to a standard business policy. Perhaps a lower shipping fee or none at all,or maybe a longer time for returns, or a better exchange policy. Consider the change to create an excitement, a freshness, to encourage people to take advantage of the fantastic goods you have to offer.

With spring in the air the endless opportunities of renewal await. The shopper’s embracing the freshness of new items together with the influx of color and new styles create a feeling of mini-celebration. Celebrate together with them in the season of spring!