By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

We can extol the virtues of the World Wide Web in most every category; social, shopping, research, communication, etc. The concept of fundraising websites has been steadily gaining popularity as many people are developing websites to create awareness about their cause. The major benefit involved is the ability to connect with so many people globally. Online fundraising in the best way to increase the amount of money you bring in because your platform extends to friends, family, and contacts worldwide.Development of a fundraising website design is an important feature of this event. It enables all fundraisers and especially non profits to reach out to potential benefactors whom they couldn’t initiate contact with using the traditional techniques.

There are many good organization and campaigns out there and many are forced to raise their own funds to enable them to carry on their work. Due to the overwhelming amount of organizations appealing to us for financial support is sometimes gets tough to give to each. Additionally when an organization runs an annual fundraiser aside from competing for donors with other various organizations, contributors may feel like,” I just gave them last year, I’m not going to give again.”

An additional struggle that most fundraisers face is the actual soliciting. Even if it’s done in a professional manner and not via knocking on doors or panhandling, the idea of being a taker is a struggle many need to overcome in this line of work. Though fundraising is an art just as any other career something about the need to ask others to donate some of their resources is an uncomfortable dimension of this occupation. Be sure to check out Bitochon’s Fundraising 101 ideas for non-profits.

Enter the ubiquitous world of the Web. The ability to develop a non-profit website for your organization and to create a fundraising page allows you to reach out to millions of people who would never have heard about your cause otherwise. It is a powerful tool for any fundraiser! There are millions of charity dollars just waiting for a good cause to come their way! A website lends you the opportunity to tell the story of your organization via text and images. A fundraising webpage allows you the opportunity to reach out to all kinds of people, people who are not being plied daily with the fundraising causes exclusive to your city! Obviously significant donors will still necessitate the person to person phone call or conference to keep the connection strong, but a website will help to eliminate many of the frustrating phone calls and meetings with mediocre contributors.

The advantages that online fundraising has for contributors include: Convenience of round the clock donating, satisfaction in knowing the donation has been received via transaction receipt, and of course the chance to help out someone without being heckled into doing so. A few great examples can include a Chinese auction website fundraiser or perhaps a website for your next dinner fundraiser.

Of course good SEO is paramount to your success. Once you decide to go global, you’ve got to do it all the way! You need to choose optimal keywords to ensure that the right people are redirected to your website. It may even be worth it to hire a company to do your SEO; you only have what to gain!

Statistics show how the usage of online fundraising is steadily increasing as more people are developing websites to supplement their fundraising campaigns. Over 80% of non-profit organizations are utilizing the benefits of fundraising online. It is one of the most popular methods and after having previously enumerated the benefits you can understand why!

And that leads on into the importance of a dynamic design. Your website has the ability to touch people on a global level, you’ve got to design it in a way that you will! You need to create an exciting and engaging webpage that will have people wanting to know more and to look into what exactly your organization does. Aside from the written description, add a human dimension by uploading images of your cause at work. Pictures are worth thousands of words and they can capture the hearts of all viewers if arranged properly. You need to vitalize your text to speak to the hearts of your website visitors.

In summary the benefits in designing a fundraising website are numerous. It is the best opportunity to augment your traditional fundraising techniques, reach new contacts, and forge a deeper connection with existing constituents. Your potential donors are just a few clicks away from actualizing their potential!