Once Upon A Time…

Using storytelling as a part of your content marketing strategy is steadily gaining popularity… because it really works! The benefits are triple fold: Firstly, it creates a desire in your readers to read on. Secondly it helps to boost your brand and presence and third, by connecting with your reader’s emotions your customers will feel more connected to your company. In storytelling you can express and share your own story. You can share experiences; mistakes, triumphs, individual journeys, or whatever else you’d like. You can choose to tell over your own story or that of a satisfied customer.

The 5 main points in storytelling are: Opening, setting and character introduction, plot, transition, and resolution.

Begin with a captivating opening that establishes your theme. Your theme is the purpose behind your story which should have a direct association to your business objective. Openings that intrigues such as ‘A while ago’, ‘Can you believe’ or ‘Did you ever wonder’ are great sentence starters. It is important to communicate with your audiences if they are right in from of you and make them feel part of whatever you are narrating. When we discuss a setting, we mean the tone or the mood of your writing. In character introduction you should explain who the characters are. The customers are always the hero, the situation as the villain and the product or service you offer as the loyal accomplice. The plot should depict the situation and existing conflict. This is the most crucial part of your storytelling because here is where you will draw your reader into your story. You want your reader to imagine himself as the main character and start to formulate plans to overcome the villain. In transition the conflict will turn in the favor of the hero and his able sidekick. Here is where you can include the research you have done to aid in the decision.

As for the conclusion; your ending should be more than just a winding up of details. Emphasize that the hero only achieved his success because he had the help of his partner. Include some sort of call to action, something to keep your readers fired up and to create an opening for comments, discussion, opinions, etc. You want to impress upon your readers that your company holds significant superiority over the competition. Use your customers’ stories to create strong brand recognition and loyalty. Readers enjoy reading about fellow customers and their successes because they can relate to them. They provide relevant examples and inspire others to follow suit.

So whether you choose to create your own story or that of a gratified consumer be sure to follow the traditional storytelling outline. It will give you optimal opportunity to present your products or services and engage your customers for certain conversions.