Perfecting Your Email Campaign

The first step in creating a successful email campaign is determining your objective. Is your objective to attract new customers? Is it to promote a specific product or is it an all-site sale? Once you have figured out what your goal in this specific email is, you can subject your email appropriately and increase your chances of attracting relevant visitors.

Additionally you need to design your email in an eye-catching way that says, “Hey this looks interesting!” yet is still easy to read and comprehend. Large fonts are excellent for directing attention while words written small usually get over-looked. The human patience span for reading emails is not that long so you need to design an email that looks exciting and is not difficult to understand.

Call to action buttons are quite popular to encourage actions such as subscribing to emails or newsletters or even for company registration. It’s a simple way to get an action completed. Inserting a call to action button in an email itself might be perceived as too pushy and can scare off the readers without even a visit to your site. So leave the call to action buttons for your website itself and just fill your email with exciting content to encourage a visit.

Last but not least is to conduct a run through of a reaction to your email to ensure it is not misleading in anyway. Is the advertised promotion visible again on your landing page? Are your call to action buttons displayed appropriately to encourage interested participation? Is it difficult to find the contact information? Are there clear directions how to navigate to receive the free product you offered? Slip yourself into the shoes of a visitor and ensure that all necessary features are in play before sending out your email. By utilizing these tips you can really multiply the positive responses to your email campaign.